Bungling council workers erect incorrect road sign in Herne Bay

They’ve had a night-MARE! Bungling council workers are mocked for renaming Herne Bay in Kent ‘Horse Bay’ on road sign

  • Kent County Council commissioned a road sign which got the location wrong
  • Officials wanted to direct motorists towards the popular seaside town Herne Bay
  • Instead, the sign erected told people that they were heading to Horse Bay  

A local council has been forced to apologise after getting the name of an area wrong on a road sign. 

Council workers were tasked with erecting a sign near Herne Bay in Kent, but unfortunately the metal plate read Horse Bay. 

The sign was installed on Clapham Hill in Whitstable in Kent, provoking angry reactions among members of the public because of the wasted resources. 

Workers in Kent County Council erected this new road sign directing motorists to the non-existent Horse Bay instead of the seaside resort of Herne Bay

An existing road sign approaching the junction from a different direction has correctly identified Herne Bay

One man, Iain Heatlie said: ‘They had one job to do.

‘But I can only imagine spell check might have caused it.

He added: ‘It might be funny but it’s still a waste of money which the council says it hasn’t got much of right now.’

Kent County Council has warned locals that it may be increasing council tax by five per cent in the coming year. 

However, on social media, people were quick to mock the council. 

One person, called Mark, suggested: ‘Somebody has had a nit of mare there.’

Martine said: ‘Nine carat gold signage there.’

Maria fumed: ‘What the hell.’

Mary joked: ‘Don’t get lost getting here.’

A Kent County Council spokesman said: ‘Unfortunately a new sign at the top of Clapham Hill in Whitstable was found to have the wrong wording.

‘We will today be temporarily patching the sign with the correct wording and a permanent patch will then be fitted.’

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