Boy falls from third-floor escalator after climbing onto the handrail

Schoolboy falls from a third-floor escalator after climbing onto the handrail at a Chinese shopping mall

  • Boy is said to be in critical condition after plunging down from heights
  • He had climbed onto the handrail to sit on it at the mall in southern China
  • Report said he landed on the second floor and was rushed to the hospital  

A Chinese boy is in critical condition after falling from the side of a third-floor escalator at a shopping centre, according to reports. 

Surveillance footage shows the child, wearing a blue-and-white school uniform, climbing onto a handrail of the escalator as he tried to sit on it.

The clip shows him losing balance before plunging down backwards.

The boy stands on a platform of the escalator as he tries to push himself up to the handrail

He loses balance and falls backwards from the escalator on the third floor in Dongguan, China

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There were no adults around at the time and the escalator did not appear to be working.

The accident took place last Friday night at a mall in Dongguan, southern China’s Guangdong province, according to Shanghai TV Station.

The report did not mention which floor the boy landed on.

Chinese news source Cover News reported the boy landed on the second floor before bystanders called for an ambulance. His parents and staff of the mall were also alerted

However according to China’s Cover News, the boy fell one storey and landed on the second floor. Eyewitnesses called for an ambulance and alerted the police. 

The boy’s parents and staff of the shopping mall were also informed. They rushed to the scene. 

The boy was taken to the hospital and treated at the intensive care units, the Cover News report said.  

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