Boris Johnson’s first job as PM will be trying to stop World War 3 with letter to nuclear commanders – The Sun

BORIS Johnson's first job as PM if he makes it to No10 will be a bid to avert World War 3.

Within minutes of taking over from Theresa May, the new Prime Minister must write a letter to Britain's nuclear submarine chiefs.

It will tell them what they should do in the event of a nuclear strike which wipes out the country's leadership.

The note will be copied to each of the four subs, and stashed in a secret spot, only to be opened in the event of an attack.

Before writing the letter, the PM will be briefed by the chief of the defence staff on the precise implications of a nuclear war.

Every Prime Minister is said to have been daunted by the immense responsibility of drawing up the instructions.

This time around, the stakes are even higher with tensions being sky-high in the Gulf.

Britain and Iran have repeatedly clashed and captured each others' tankers in a row over sanctions.

And the Iranian regime is on the verge of junking the deal intended to limit its ambitions to build devastating nukes.

The PM's letter will only be opened if the nuclear submarines lose contact with Westminster.

It instructs them what to do in the absence of instructions from the Government.

The four options for the incoming Prime Minister to tell the commanders are:

  • Retaliate against the nuclear attack
  • Do not retaliate
  • Use your own judgment
  • Go under the command of an allied power such as the USA

Previous Prime Ministers have said that drafting the nuclear letter was the moment the immense responsibility of their new job first dawned on them.

Either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt will take over from Mrs May on Wednesday afternoon.

After writing the nuclear letter, the new PM will start assembling his Cabinet and open talks on Brexit with European leaders.

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