Bernie Sanders says there are 'a number of plans' to make sure Trump is 'evicted' from the White House

BERNIE Sanders has claimed there are "a number of plans" ready in case Donald Trump loses the election and doesn't leave the White House.

Sanders declined to elaborate as The President has refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power after the vote in November.

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The Vermont senator, who orginally challenged Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination, was speaking on Bill Maher's show on Friday.

He was asked as Trump has been saying four months he may not respect the election result as he fears it could be rigged.

Bernie however said options are being prepared to make sure Trump is booted out of the Oval Office.

November's election fight is becoming increasingly bitter as the debate becomes focused on the coronavirus pandemic and unrest across the US.

Sanders said: "If Trump attempts to stay in office after losing, there will be a number of plans out there for make sure he is evicted from office."

Maher replied: "What?"

Sanders didn't elaborate, but said "right now, and for the next five weeks, our job is to defeat him, and defeat him badly".

The 79-year-old left winger said "it was more than a wish" to see Trump lose the election in two months time.

Democrats have positioned this year's election as a battle for the soul of the nation.

Polls remain tight ahead of the first presidential debate between Biden and Trump on Tuesday.

Sanders spoke at George Washington University and warned the America is on a knife edge.

He said: "This is not just an election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

"This is an election between Donald Trump and democracy—and democracy must win."

Sanders confided in Maher that he is both shocked and saddened that he has to spell out what is at stake.

"Never in a million years did I think I'd have to give a speech about what do we do if a president refuses to leave office," he said.

"Listen to what Trump is saying. Don't brush it off."

Senator Elizabeth Warren accused Trump of "flirting with treason" by not guaranteeing a smooth presidential transition.

Warren made the comments during an interview with All In With Chris Hayes on Thursday night after Trump refused to commit to a peaceful transferal of power.

“When Donald Trump says that he is not necessarily going to accept the will of the voters, he’s flirting with treason,” Warren said.

“He’s saying, peaceful transition of power doesn’t matter to him. All that matters to him, once again, is Donald Trump and whatever Donald Trump wants.”

In a press conference on Wednesday, Trump was asked by a reporter if he would commit to a peaceful transferal of power.

“Well, we’re gonna have to see what happens," he responded.

"You know that I’ve been complaining about the ballots. And the ballots are a disaster.”

“I understand that, but people are rioting,” the reporter pressed. “Do you commit to making sure that there’s a peaceful transferral of power?”

Trump replied: “We wanna have…get rid of the ballots and we’ll have a very peaceful…there won’t be a transfer, frankly. There’ll be a continuation.”

Trump has openly spoken about his desire for the Supreme Court to decide the election.

He said that he is “counting on the federal court system” to call the election just hours after the polls close, despite rules across the country stipulating that ballots can be counted several days to weeks after the election.

Trump also insisted on Friday that the only way he can lose the presidential election is if he is "cheated".

Speaking Friday night at a rally in Newport News, Virginia, President Trump told his audience that "mischief" would be the only reasoning for a loss.

He also said it would be "stupid" to commit to a smooth transition.

Trump said: "This is a disaster waiting to happen – and the only hope we have, really, other than going through a long litigation in the end after its over – because we're going to win."

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