Bedbug riddled mattresses line streets of France as mutant bloodsucker plague INVADES UK & is spotted on trains & buses | The Sun

MATTRESSES riddled with bedbugs have been lining the streets of France but now the bloodsucking parasites have invaded the UK.

The mutants have been spotted on trains and buses in two major cities after more videos of the Paris "bedbug epidemic" go viral.

Viral videos online have shown bedding thrown on the pavement and piled high on the streets of Rue Saint Lazare, in France’s capital.

According to Aarya Bondge, 18, who’s recorded videos of the horror bugs, some mattresses were completely clean and some were ridiculously dirty.

She says Paris is still reeling from the epidemic and hasn’t felt normal since the bedbugs appeared.

Aarya said: "Line six of the metro is still terrible, people are standing up to avoid the seats, even I would still rather stand for an hour than touch the seats."



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Another woman who was left traumatised by the creatures was influencer Jihoon who travelled to Paris for fashion week.

She went on a train once and came away covered in bites and itchy red sores.

Jihoon said: "It's all over my leg, and the other leg as well, and it's so fricking itchy!"

She's also been checking her bags and her clothes to make sure she doesn't "carry any of them home".

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"Guys, be careful," her video concluded.

Marseille has also suffered from bedbug infestations lately with people hanging their washing off apartment blocks to get rid of the pests.

But now the bedbugs have made their way across the English Channel and into major UK cities like Manchester where they were seen on a bus window this week, just days after another was seen crawling on a poor woman’s leg on the London Underground.

Posting on TikTok, the woman said: "Minding my own business on the Victoria Line.

"A f***ing bedbug is on my leg.

"Said he’d got a great deal on the Eurostar and wondered if I could take him home.

"Sort it out Transport for London."

This sparked the capital's mayor, Sadiq Khan to share his thoughts over a potential outbreak.

MailOnline reported yesterday that he said: "This is a real source of concern.

“People are worried about these bugs in Paris causing a problem in London.

"I want to reassure those listening that TfL has the best regimes to clean our assets on a nightly basis. 

"We are speaking to our friends in Paris to see if there are any lessons to be learnt but for a variety of reasons we don't think those issues will arise in London; but there is no complacency from TfL."

Airlines and hotels across the UK have been bracing themselves for an invasion of the Parisian "super-bedbugs" since they first made headlines.

Air France, which runs six flights a day from Paris to London, said it will ground any plane if bedbugs are spotted on board.

And Eurostar is disinfecting trains from Paris if there is even the "slightest doubt" they are infested with pests.

They told passengers to expect “preventative treatments” that ensure bedbug free journeys including cleaning with hot water and extra cleaning if it’s requested.

Millennium Hotels and Resorts, which has 18 UK hotels, are asking guests if they’ve recently been to France, according to staff.

A receptionist said: “Every time we do the check-in we ask the guest, are you travelling from Paris?

A manager also added: “As soon as the guests leave, we put that particular room out of service and we just clean everything again.”

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To heap on more panic these bugs have apparently become immune to bug spray.

Experts have warned the usual insecticides used on bedbugs isn’t killing them anymore and they’re getting harder to kill than ever.


AN EXPERT gives his top five tips on how to avoid letting the nasty pests run rampant around your home.

  1. Never put your suitcase under the bed on holiday
  2. Check your room for bugs before you unpack
  3. Wash all clothing at 60 degrees when you get home
  4. Regularly hoover your mattress and wash your bedding
  5. Do a deep clean every month

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