Bank Holiday Funday! Revellers celebrate extra day off with night out

Bank Holiday Funday! Revellers paint the town red as they celebrate an extra day off – with a Sunday night out

  • Revellers have welcomed May in style by making the most of the Bank Holiday
  • Men and women in places like Leeds and Liverpool went for a night on the town

Revellers across Britain have celebrated having an extra day off with the early May Bank Holiday with a night out.

Instead of spending the night indoors, many ventured out into the lukewarm temperatures and spitting rain for a rare Sunday night on the town.

With a lack of work on Monday morning, Sunday was the perfect opportunity for many to let their hair down and truly enjoy themselves. 

People in Leeds and Liverpool city centres were pictured letting loose and heading out for drinks while dressed to impress.

Partygoers had hit the tiles on Saturday night as well, but that didn’t stop others going out for their fun tonight – and there’s the prospect of more revelry on the horizon with another long weekend in seven days for King Charles III’s Coronation.

Revellers dressed in white head out for a night on the town in Leeds on Sunday

Two ladies smile as they pose for the camera on a wet night out in Leeds on Sunday

A woman aims a kiss at the camera while out in Mathew Street in Liverpool on Sunday night

This weekend has seen an invasion of May Bank Holiday ‘stags and hens’ who want to keep partying till the sun rises.

In Leeds many groups of young men and women seemed to be in a chipper mood, laughing and smiling as they made their way through the city centre.

Even the rain and lukewarm temperatures of 12C couldn’t dampen their spirits, with groups in fancy dress and impressive clothes not holding back.

Among the impressive costumes on display were groups of men dressed as priests, astronauts, convicts, air force pilots, jockeys, cheerleaders and even a chicken. 

Meanwhile in Liverpool city centre, hen-dos and birthday parties were in full swing tonight as they took advantage of not having to go to work on Monday morning.

With heavy rain forecast for Merseyside and temperatures of 11C, nothing was going to stop them going hell for leather in one of Britain’s biggest party cities.

And despite the May Day Bank Holiday, many could do it all over again in just seven days when the UK gets another long weekend- this time to mark the Coronation of King Charles.

As the crowning of the new monarch is taking place on Saturday, May 6, the Monday after has been declared a Bank Holiday in celebration, meaning many could take full advantage.

Ladies in Leeds brave the cold and wet weather to make the most of the Bank Holiday weekend

May Day Sunday revellers pose for the camera ahead of a night of fun and drinking in Leeds

Women dressed as cow girls make their way through Liverpool city centre on the May Day Bank Holiday

Two women stick their tongues out at the camera as they celebrate an impending marriage on the Bank Holiday weekend in Liverpool

A group of ladies pose for the camera as they head out into Liverpool to celebrate a birthday

Men dressed as a priest, astronaut and prisoner make their way through Leeds tonight

May Day Sunday revellers head out into Leeds in fancy dress with jockeys, air force pilots and a chicken all on the menu

A man dressed as a cheerleader poses for the camera during a night out in Leeds yesterday

These two long weekends in quick succession could be the perfect tonic after months of dreary weather, with plenty of people eager to throw their hair back and let loose. and, two of the UK’s leading stag and hen party providers, predict this weekend is expected to be a staggering 25 per cent busier than the next busiest weekend. 

Jon Stainer, creative director of both Stag Web and Go Hen, said: ‘The early May Bank Holiday is always one of the busiest weekends of the year as everyone gets an extra day of partying, plus it allows for a comfortable gap between the December and January festivities and the weddings in the summer.’

Bristol is set to see the biggest boom in stag and hen dos, with Liverpool a close second and Edinburgh in third.

Jon said ‘Bristol and Liverpool have always been hugely popular destinations for both stag and hens, but the most surprising name on the list is Bath in fourth.

‘Whilst Bath isn’t particularly popular with stags, it’s been the most popular hen party destination in the UK for years due to its stylish vibe, vibrant bar scene, and the world-famous Thermae Spa.’

Brighton is fifth on the list – nearly 10 per cent of all Stag Web and Go Hen’s UK bookings are for the seaside city this weekend.

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