Asda shopper 'finds disgusting slime rattling inside 65p grapefruit juice carton'

AN Asda shopper was disgusted when he discovered revolting slime rattling inside a grapefruit juice carton.

Horrified Laurence Goodbody, 48, found the slimy object at the bottom of the 65p carton – that had a sell by date of July 2020.

He posted a video on Twitter showing the slimy green and yellow item in a container.

Laurence wrote: "What on earth is this in my friend's carton of Asda's pink grapefruit?

"She only bought it three days ago and has been drinking from it the past two days. The sell by date is not till July this year as well.

"If your carton rattles beware and don't drink from it."

The fruit juice carton was purchased from the ASDA Queslett store in Great Barr, Birmingham.

He added: "I posted the video to try to get Asda's immediate attention without them just refunding my friend with another carton which would have been a 'thank you very much for bringing it to our attention and sweeping it under the carpet' exercise."

Laurence said the object looked like a "nuclear waste mutated oyster."

In response, a spokesman for Asda told the Sun Online: "We always want to delight our customers and would like to apologise again to Mr Goodbody for his carton of juice being more frightful than delightful.

"We can reassure customers that we have had no other complaints of this nature and so long as a carton is sealed, then mould cannot grow in it.

"However, if a carton is punctured or damaged – which lets in air – then mould can form if it is left for a long period of time.

"We'd welcome Mr Goodbody to bring the carton back to store so we can fully investigate this for him."

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