Arkansas mother fights for justice 12 years after daughter's murder

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Danick Marie Adams was only 18 when she was shot and killed outside a fitness center in Jacksonville, Ark., on Aug. 15, 2008.

Although 12 years have passed, no one has been arrested in connection with the slaying.

In a new report on NBC's "Dateline," Amy Adams said she became concerned when her daughter called at 10:30 that Friday night..


Danick said she was hanging out with Princess — a friend from high school.

They would go to 24-hour Ultimate Fitness together, saying they used the tanning beds then put on makeup before heading out for the night.

Adams said that part of the story never added because Danick never looked tanned.

"Something just seemed shady about them being there so late," she said on "Dateline."

The Jacksonville Police Department says Danick and Princess left the gym a few minutes after midnight that night and were walking to Danick's white Cadillac.

They were approached by a masked gunman who demanded their purses, cell phones and money, according to Princess.

When Danick protested, the man briefly removed his mask and shot her five times

The gunman then reportedly fled the scene in Danick's Cadillac. Princess, who was not injured, ran to a nearby house and called 911.

A few hours later, a man was spotted driving Danick's car past Ultimate Fitness, which had become a crime scene.

When police pursued the vehicle, the driver managed to escape and flee the area, leaving behind a female passenger who said she had just been picked up by the man and couldn't identify him.

“It’s just strange, because I think if you had just shown your face to someone you’re about to kill, I wouldn’t think you’d want to leave a witness,” police Det. Cynthia Harbour recalled.

Harbour noted that while Danick's friend has been questioned many times over the years, authorities believe she knows more than she has let on.

Detectives believe Danick was targeted.

Adams said that all the teenager had on her was her pink Motorola RAZR cell phone in her back pocket and 30 cents in her front pocket.

While there have been several persons of interest in the case, Harbour said she and other investigators are planning to interview and re-interview a few subjects.

She believes it's only a matter of time until someone divulges what really happened. When she retires in April, she said she plans to devote herself to Danick's case.

Danick's mother is now helping families enduring similiar heartache through the central Arkansas chapter of Parents of Murdered Children, a national advocacy and support group.

In an impassioned Facebook post in August, Adams pleaded for answers. In June, she hinted that the crime scene had been "botched."


"What I can’t understand is WHY it is still unsolved?" she wrote. "I can’t understand why the people in Jacksonville who know or have an idea haven’t gone forth to tell what they know."

"Love you, baby girl, forever and always," she added.

Anyone with information that could help solve the case is asked to call Jacksonville Police Department Criminal Investigations at (501) 533-6477. CrimeStoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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