Amir Khan is blasted for showing off his new Dubai holiday home

Amir Khan is blasted for flaunting his wealth for the THIRD time during the pandemic after showing off his new luxury Dubai holiday home while thousands have lost jobs due to Covid

  • Khan shared photos from outside and a walk-through video of the mansion
  • Property in Dubai has stone staircase, marble floors and stunning lounge-diner
  • He bought it with help of friend Maaz Jethwa who founded UAE firm New Door
  • Khan has previously flaunted £350,000 cars and £100,000 watches online
  • Last week he was accused of breaching Covid rules at surprise birthday party 

Boxer Amir Khan has been criticised for flaunting his wealth after bragging on social media that he had just bought a luxurious family holiday home in Dubai.

The 34-year-old former world champion from Bolton, Greater Manchester, shared  photographs of him standing outside and a walk-through video of the mansion.

Khan bought the property – which has a stone staircase, marble floors and a stunning lounge-diner – with the help of friend Maaz Jethwa who founded UAE firm New Door.

His wife Faryal Makhdoom, 29, with whom he is currently holidaying along with two of their three children, Lamaisah, six, and Alayna, two – posted love heart emojis.

It is at least the third time he has shown off his wealth during the coronavirus pandemic, having previously flaunted £350,000 cars and £100,000 watches online. 

Amir Khan has been criticised for flaunting his wealth after bragging on social media that he had just bought a luxurious holiday home in Dubai. He is pictured at the property’s entrance

The boxer also posted this picture of him standing next to a giant pool at the property in Dubai

Khan said: ‘Just bought my family a holiday home in Dubai’ and ‘thanks to Maaz Jethwa for finding me my perfect place.’ Miss Makhdoom also thanked New Door. 

But Khan’s Instagram and Facebook followers blasted him for showing off during the Covid-19 crisis, with data today showing UK unemployment had risen to 4.9 per cent.

One follower, Robert France, said: ‘Why do you need to post on here when times are so tough for so many people? Have respect for families that can’t even afford to eat.’

Mick Herr said: ‘No need to share it on here for validation, Amir. That’s just feeding your ego. I’m sure your family are grateful, and will in time tell you so.’

Wasif Khan posted: ‘Be humble in these times and think about those who are less privileged.’ And Abdullah Ibrahim added: ‘Wasif, you nailed it brother.’

Omer Helvacioglu said: ‘You need to lay off social media for a bit brother all you do is brag about things you have just bought or places you go. Stay humble.’ 

Khan, 34, said in an Instagram post: ‘Just bought my family a holiday home in Dubai’

Khan bought the property with the help of friend Maaz Jethwa who founded UAE firm New Door. Mr Jethwa posted this picture on his Instagram along with Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom

Property consultant Mr Jethwa also posted this picture of him with boxer Khan in Dubai

And Ciarraí Mimna-Wilson added: ‘I wish you and your family well. However perhaps not a very humble thing to share when half of the world is in turmoil.’

Another fan joked about the size of the front door, which towers over Khan in one of the pictures, and said: ‘Was the doorway designed for Shaquille O’Neal?

In October, Khan showed off his fleet of flash cars including a £300,000 red Lamborghini Aventador and a £350,000 black Rolls Royce Phantom.

He shared a video of them while moaning about the rain outside their home, just one week after flashing his £100,000 Richard Mille 32 designer watch on social media. 

His latest Instagram posts come a week after Khan was accused of breaching Covid-19 rules after a birthday party was held with at least 18 people in a luxurious mansion.

Khan posted a video of the large gathering on his social media, telling the camera: ‘All the boys are here’ and said the party was a ‘surprise’ from his family and friends. 

Khan thanked his friend, property consultant Maaz Jethwa, for ‘finding me my perfect place’

Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom thanked New Door for helping them find a ‘perfect holiday home’

He lives in a £1.5million six-bedroom house with his wife Faryal Makhdoom, 29, and their three children Muhammad, Lamaisah and Alayna in Bolton – a tier three area.

A huge boxing-themed cake was made by staff at Zara Cakes Manchester, based in Prestwich, which confirmed to MailOnline it was a delivery to a Manchester address.

However it is not known where last week’s party was held, apart from in a property thought to have been hired. They hired a private chef and the menu included steak.

The chef is believed to have been Alex Beard, a three Michelin star-trained chef based in the Lake District who charges up to £160 per person for bookings. 

Neither police nor Khan’s representatives have yet commented on the party, which comes ahead of the couple’s new BBC reality show Meet The Khans in March 2021.

It was the fourth time during the coronavirus pandemic that Khan has been accused of breaking Covid-19 rules, and it also comes following other reported breaches in recent days by the likes of Sky News presenter Kay Burley and pop star Rita Ora. 

Khan, who has not fought since July 2019 when he beat Billy Dib in Saudi Arabia, has insisted he is not ready to retire amid hopes he will soon fight rival Kell Brook.

Indoor gatherings of people from multiple households are banned in all tier two and three areas, with people in tier three only allowed to gather in public open spaces.

The party came two months after Khan was accused of breaking two-week quarantine rules after travelling from New York to Britain and failing to self-isolate.

The boxer posted pictures from a trip to the US, including a picture with his daughter Alayna, two, at Staten Island Mall – before uploading another image of him in London taken nine days afterwards.

Khan also visited ex-diplomat of Pakistan, Mansoor Raja, at his residence in London during the two-week period, which could also have potentially put him at risk.

Former world champion boxer Khan posted a video of a large gathering for his birthday on his social media last week, telling the camera: ‘All the boys are here’

Khan poses with his birthday cake at his party which was held at a hired property last week

In a further Instagram story, he posed with his arms around a group of four friends, which appeared to be another break in following social distancing rules.

It is not known if Khan is exempt from the current rules given his status as a sporting professional, but if he is not, then the overseas travel documented on his Instagram profile would suggest he is in breach of the regulations.

The father-of-three was also previously accused of breaking lockdown restrictions in August when he celebrated Eid with friends and family in Bolton.

And in May, he was also reported to have flouted the rules after meeting up with his parents following a three-year feud, so they could meet his son, Muhammad Zaviyar, for the first time since he was born.

Khan, who has still been travelling throughout the pandemic, went on holiday with his wife Faryal to Dubai in September, with the pair sharing photos from the luxury destination. 

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