American Airlines passengers brawl over who gets to deplane first

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Two women got into a ferocious brawl aboard an American Airlines flight over the weekend about who would deplane first, wild video shows.

Passenger Annie Victoria Reso captured the fight, which broke out when Flight 2275 from Los Angeles landed at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport about 6:30 p.m. Sunday, the Arizona Republic reported.

“Fight broke out as the plane was exiting. Didn’t make it off the plane until about 7:00pm because of the altercation,” she wrote on Instagram, where she posted footage of the combatants, adding that she caught her connecting flight at the last second.

Another passenger also shot footage of the fracas — as a flight attendant was heard yelling, “Call for law enforcement! Call for law enforcement!”

“Almost missed my connecting flight with @AmericanAir in Phoenix because two girls decided to fistfight over who was getting off the plane first. I can’t,” the flyer wrote in a tweet.

Reso told the Arizona Republic that the women involved also had a misunderstanding over a seat assignment before the flight departed.

Airline spokesman Derek Walls told The Post in an email that the company “received a report of an alleged altercation between two customers while waiting to deplane from flight 2275 from Los Angeles (LAX) to Phoenix (PHX).”

He provided no additional details about the incident.

No injuries were reported among passengers or crew members.

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