Amanda Knox admits her baby daughter 'slipped' and hit her head on the floor leaving her distraught

AMANDA Knox has revealed that her infant daughter "slipped" from the couch and hit her head on the floor a few months ago.

Knox made the admission in a series of tweets in support of Melissa Lucio, a woman scheduled to be executed on April 27 in Texas.

"A few months ago, in that blurry haze of new motherhood, I left my infant daughter Eureka on the couch for just a few seconds," Knox wrote.

"She rolled and slipped and tumbled to the floor, hitting her head, then burst out crying."

Knox said she was in tears as she held her child against her chest and tried to calm her, adding that she felt "like the worst mother in the world."

The 34-year-old said that her own mother reassured her that Knox had hit her head in the exact same way "more than once" when she was a child.

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"It's a rite of passage, I learned, the first time your child falls, that first moment of parental negligence, that first jolt of unexpected pain that shocks them (and you) into tears," Knox wrote.

"But an hour later, they're okay and you're okay, and life goes on. Unless it doesn't."

Knox ended her first tweet with the hashtag Save Melissa Lucio.

Lucio is slated to be executed after being convicted of capital murder for the death of her two-year-old daughter, Mariah.

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Knox explained that Lucio had a difficult upbringing, growing up in a poor family, being sexually abused at a young age by a male relative, and getting married at the age of 16 to an abusive husband.

On February 15, 2007, Lucio's daughter, Mariah, "who had a mild disability and was prone to tripping," had fallen down the stairs but seemed fine afterward.

"It was two days later when Mariah went down for a nap and never woke up," wrote Knox.

Detectives interrogated Lucio, who confessed to killing her daughter. She was later sentenced to death.

Knox spent almost four years in an Italian prison following her murder conviction in the death of her roommate and fellow exchange student Meredith Kercher in 2007.

She was sentenced to 26 years in prison; however, her sentence was overturned after known burglar Rudy Guede was arrested and found guilty of Kercher's murder.


Knox stated this week that Lucio was vulnerable and may have been coerced to confess to the crime that will send her to the death chamber.

"Her interrogators kept her up until 3 am," Knox wrote.

"They used techniques known to elicit false confessions. They minimized the seriousness of her situation, while also exaggerating the strength of the evidence they had against her, essentially lying to her."

In her tweets, which were also posted in essay format via her Medium account, Knox explained how law enforcement is allowed to lie to people while interrogating them. She said that police want to maintain the practice to "secure confessions", however, Knox believes those confessions to be unreliable.

"The state didn’t need to present any physical evidence that she had killed her daughter, or any witness testimony showing her to be a child abuser. That confession, as it often is in such cases, was enough. She was sent to death row, where she has been for the last 14 years," wrote Knox.

In 2020, the documentary The State of Texas vs Melissa was released and campaigns were coordinated to stop Lucio's execution.

On April 5, 2022, Kim Kardashian, who is a known advocate for abolishing the death penalty, even took to Twitter to protest her conviction.

"I recently just read about the case of Melissa Lucio and wanted to share her story with you. She has been on death row for over 14 years for her daughter’s death that was a tragic accident," Kardashian wrote.

"Melissa is a survivor of abuse and domestic violence herself and after being interrogated for hours and falsely pleaded guilty. She wanted the interrogation to end, but police made her words out to be a confession.

"…Please sign the petition to urge Governor @GregAbbott_TX to stop her execution," she continued. "It’s stories like Melissa’s that make me speak so loud about the death penalty in general and why it should be banned when innocent people are suffering."

Despite the outcry of support, the Texas Attorney General's Office continues to argue that the case was fair and that Mariah suffered the "absolute worst" case of child abuse her doctor had seen in 30 years.

"Lucio still advances no evidence that is reliable and supportive of her acquittal," the office wrote in court documents last month, via NPR.

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At this time, it remains unclear if Lucio's execution will be overturned.

"Even so, clemency likely doesn't mean freedom for Lucio, but merely reprieve from death," wrote Knox.

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