A mobile application RestYou, which will significantly enhance service level in restaurants and save visitors’ time there, has been created in Ukraine

The team of Rawira Company developers has created a mobile application RestYou for restaurants and their guests. It allows a visitor both to make an online reservation and order meals for a certain time before arriving at the restaurant. The application is already available for download in Google Play and Apple Store, the download link is also in the official website.

The usage of RestYou mobile application significantly reduces the time, when planning a visit and waiting for an order in the restaurant.
For one thing, it is easy and convenient now to book a table online without any calls.
For another thing, together with the table reservation, the user can order dishes from the menu through the RestYou application and pay them online before the visit to the restaurant.

Among the additional features of the RestYou application is the service “Take away myself” and “Delivery” (from restaurants-partners that carry out delivery service).
It is worth mentioning that the usage of application is free for users.
Ordering and paying for dishes through the application, the amount will be the same as in the restaurant. The mobile application RestYou does not charge any additional fee.

Meantime, the application is available only for Kyiv locations. Anytime soon it is planning to launch the same for Lviv, Kharkiv and Odessa restaurants, and later in other cities of Ukraine. RestYou team is constantly working to find some more interesting restaurants and invites them to cooperate.

Team members say that RestYou is a place that brings together visitors and the restaurants they like.
The project was created in order to make Ukrainian restaurants more successful, and let every visitor feel European service during planning a rest or significant life events at RestYou restaurants-partners.
At the moment there is only the Ukrainian version of the mobile application, but in the near future the English version of the product is planned.