A minute-by-minute break timeline of Uvalde school shooting

A minute-by-minute break down of how cops waited outside class while kids called 911 after gunman walked through door that had been propped open by a teacher

  • The shooter crashed his truck outside the school at 11.27am 
  • It wasn’t until nearly 1pm that he was finally taken out by cops  

11.28am: Gunman crashes truck, gets out of car with AR-15

He is seen by witnesses in a funeral home next to the school who tell 911 they see a man with a gun walking towards the school

The shooter’s abandoned AR-15 next to his pick-up truck. He bought the gun two days after his 18th birthday 

11.31: Gunman is now in the parking lot of the school hiding in between vehicles, shooting at the building

11.32: School resource officer who arrives in a patrol car after hearing 911 call about truck crash drives past the shooter

11.33: Gunman enters the school and begins shooting into room 111/room 112. He shoots more than 100 rounds

11.35: Three police officers enter the same propped-open door as the suspect from the Uvalde PD. They were later followed by another four, making total of seven officers on scene

Three initial officers went directly to the door and got grazing wounds from him while the door was closed. They hang back

11.37: Another 16 rounds fired inside the classroom by the gunman

11.51: Police sergeant and USB agents arrive

12.03: Officers continue to arrive in the hallway. As many as 19 officers in that hallway at that time

At the same time, a girl from inside the classroom calls 911 and whispers that she is in room 112

Heartbreaking new photos show kids running out of Robb Elementary School on Tuesday after the gunman opened fire. It’s unclear what time these gut wrenching images were taken

12.10pm: The same girl calls back and advises ‘there are multiple dead’

12.13pm: The same girl calls again

12.16pm: The same girl calls 911 for the fourth time in 13 minutes asking for help

12.15pm: BORTAC (SWAT) members arrive with shields

12.16pm: The same unidentified girl calls 911 and says there are ‘8-9 students alive’ in classroom 112

12.19pm: A different child from classroom 111 calls. She hangs up when another student tells her to in order to be quiet

12.21pm: Gunman fires again

12.26pm: One of the girls who previously called 911 calls back again. She says the shooter has just ‘shot at the door’

12.43pm: The girl on that girl is still on the line. She says ‘please send the police now’

12.50pm: Police finally breach the door using keys from the janitor and kill gunman

12.51pm Officers start moving children out of the room

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