‘A lot of bears with rope’: The internet’s ideas on how to get that massive ship out of the Suez Canal

It’s been three days since a ship the size of a skyscraper became stuck sideways in the Suez Canal in Egypt. A chief executive of the company in charge of towing the stranded Ever Given said that it could be days to weeks before the ship is gone from shipping lanes.

Meanwhile, another attempt to move the large container ship on Thursday was unsuccessful, and images of those efforts began to circle around social media.

Naturally, it led to some people sharing their own inventive solutions online for moving the 1,300-foot-long ship, no matter how unrealistic the internet proved to be once again. 

My 4-yr old’s plan for getting the cargo ship out of the Suez Canal: “They need a lot of bears with rope. I’m going to try to train a whale to get that boat.”

They need this dog at the Suez Canal immediately.. pic.twitter.com/Bxaz18hNgO

Think outside the box. Don’t move the boat. Move the Suez Canal. Move Egypt if necessary. Nothing is too extreme.

i would simply try turning the steering wheel to move the boat stuck in the suez canal. but that’s just me

The Suez Canal Authority announced on Thursday they had temporarily suspended all navigation through the canal as efforts were made to remove the ship. In the same announcement, photos were released of a backhoe trying to dig up the sand the ship was stuck in, and people had fun with the ginormous size comparisons.

This is my favourite meme format in a long time pic.twitter.com/p7XOuC43PU

Massive cargo ship gets stuck in Suez Canal
Two guys and bulldozer: “Hold my beer” https://t.co/jLyeB20nlW

editor: how’s the draft coming

me: almost done

reality: pic.twitter.com/KuERMggOhu

Jobs, ranked:
1. Guy driving bulldozer moving Earth to unclog Suez canal
2. Guy on the ground talking to driver
3. Lookout Guy pic.twitter.com/KW5Ig9BItu

The photos of the bulldozer were so viral that there’s even a Twitter account named, “Guy With The Digger At Suez Canal”. The account already has 24,000 followers as the account has provided “updates” about its progress to get the ship moving.

Managed to dig out good part of the bulbous thingy. It’s still stuck. #Evergiven#SuezCanal#Suezpic.twitter.com/zbeD59LA6V

Boss called. Lots of appreciation. Felt like little happy puppy getting the treats after doing the tricks. Now back to digging. Got global economy to save.#SuezBLOCKED#Suez#Evergiven#Evergreen#SuezCanalpic.twitter.com/nSjpyMGG1p

The the Ever Given is the first ship in the canal’s 150-year history to block it and is causing a massive global financial impact, but the internet proved that 2021 is still just as crazy as last year.

It’s been a wild three months. #suezcanel#SuezBLOCKED #2021 pic.twitter.com/rublgNp2Ta

educate yourself ✨ pic.twitter.com/s9588sX0mZ

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