1000 different  storage sheds

Having  over 5 years of experience, we have  installed over 1000 different  storage sheds and can share  little tips on how to choose one for yourself and where and how to install it correctly. You need to start by asking yourself why you need it first. After you have decided on the answer,  you need to understand where you will install in your yard.

Some people even make a workshop in their storage shed.  Why not? It is clear that for such purposes you need 15×8 or 10×14 at least. If you are going to store a lawn mower, a bicycle  and garden tools, 7×7 is quite suitable … It is also one of the most popular. Storage sheds are made of three types of materials: metal, plastic , wood.

The cheapest and easiest to assemble is plastic. The main condition required  is to have  a flat floor for installation of a plastic one. Metal is more expensive when buying, takes more time to install. As a rule, it is supplied without a floor. Wooden  is the most expensive to buy and assemble,  a floor and shingles are sold separately. After you have decided on the material of the shed and its size, you can look at the shelves on the roof or other additional equipment. If you do the assembly with installation of equipment in one day, it will be cheaper. As a rule, it takes us from 3 to 10 hours to assemble a metal or plastic one, depending on the size . It takes up to three days to assemble a wooden garage, painting may still be needed.

Not so long ago, we discovered for ourselves that a pickup truck bed is very  handy  to use to install a  backboard. 2 people stand in the bed, one supports, the other inserts the mounting bolts and clamps them. This minimizes the risk of the board falling. 2 people are needed to assemble the basketball hoop frame and backboard https://aksestroy.com/other-services/portable-basketball-hoop-installation/ for the first part of the work, pouring concrete, one person is enough. Most often a footing is 36 inches x12 inches. Sometimes for more massive rings we pour more concrete.

The first stage of work takes 2-3 hours for a trained person. J bolts and a plate will be installed in concrete. A post will be attached to them on the second visit. We organize the second visit in 3-4 days, so that the concrete dries. Assembling the basketball frame and backboard takes about 3 hours for a trained team. The most difficult moment is the fastening of the board. It is very heavy and there is a risk of dropping it. If you need to install additional equipment, usually netting and lighting, we do this after installing the ring . Then small adjustments follow and you can use it!