‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’: Should Zoey Choose Max or Simon?

One of the main themes of Zoey’sExtraordinary Playlist is that Zoey is stuck in the middle of a lovetriangle and she doesn’t know who to pick. Should it be Max or Simon? Here’sShowbiz Cheat Sheet’s take on Zoey’s complicated love life.

Zoey and Simon

It’s clear Zoey is more physically attracted to Simon. He’san attractive guy, so we can’t really blame her. However, it takes more thanphysical attraction to sustain a relationship. It’s nice to be extremelyattracted to your partner, but a relationship will fall flat without moresubstance.

Zoey digs Simon, but she has become more like his therapistthan a love interest. Every time Simon and Zoey talk, the conversation turns tohis father’s death and how he’s dealing with the grief. Simon feels closer toZoey after their talks, but it seems like he’s getting more out of the relationshipthan Zoey. At this point, she should be charging him for her time. Anotherproblem is that an emotional affair was brewing between them while Simon was engaged.Who’s to say the same thing won’t happen again with a different woman if Zoeyand Simon start dating?

Zoey and Max

Max is more into Zoey than she is into him. He stares into her eyes like a lost puppy and hangs on to her every word. Unfortunately, Zoey just doesn’t feel the same. Most of the time, she looks bored or distracted whenever they talk. It seems like Zoey enjoys Max’s company and friendship, but if we’re being honest, she could get the same results with a dog.

Max has high hopes for a relationship with Zoey since they recently shared a kiss. However, that kiss probably meant more to him than it did to her. Zoey was simply responding to the way she felt in that moment, but Max took this as her agreeing to enter a serious relationship. Once her feelings shift again, she will be running right back to Simon.

The verdict

Zoey is better off alone. She just lost her father and she’snot in a place where she should be getting into a serious relationship. Zoey isconfused right now and doesn’t seem to know what she wants. If she startsdating Simon, it will just be one long therapy session. They’re both grieving theloss of their fathers, so most of their interactions will be about the topic ofloss.

Zoey’s time would be better spent at a support group or intherapy with an actual therapist. If Zoey dates Max, she will likely be veryselfish in the relationship. She will take whatever she can get from him andthen break up with him once he has fulfilled her needs. We don’t think it wouldbe fair to Max. He would most likely be giving a lot more than he’s getting.

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