Yvette Fielding claims she was bullied by BBC boss when she worked on Blue Peter

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    Yvette Fielding has claimed she was bullied by a BBC executive when she worked on Blue Peter.

    The star, 55, says presenting live broadcasts when she joined the show in the 80s was hell because she was so low. She said: "To me, the most important thing in a job was to please your boss and do the best that you can do. The problem was that I was trying to please my boss so much, but my boss seemed to be just incredibly cruel.

    "I thought that I’d be doing OK and then I was told that I was useless. Absolutely useless, again and again and again. It was like every time I did what I thought was right, she’d come back and say something awful or she’d just berate me in front of other people."

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    "You’ve got to be confident in front of eight million people twice a week and my confidence was just at an all-time low.I was a shaking, gibbering wreck." Yvette hated the way she was treated so much she offered to resign. But when the tough exec left, she decided to stay. Despite the struggle, Yvette went on to become one of TV’s biggest stars fronting shows including Most Haunted.

    It comes after Yvette has revealed that a ghost of an RAF worker haunts the Coronation Street set. Paranormal activity at the ITV soap set has been reported by cast and crew throughout the years, including hearing strange banging noises and feeling the spirits of Corrie stars long since gone.

    Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, paranormal investigator Yvette has now revealed that she experienced spirit activity when visiting Coronation Street for a Most Haunted investigation in 2005 – including encountering the ghost of a woman in an RAF uniform, who she believes haunts the soap set.

    "There was a lot of tapping and knocking – the tapping phenomenon that we get. We knew that there was definite activity and that spirits were there," she said. "There was a woman there, and she has been seen in an RAF uniform. I think it was her that was coming through."

    She added: "She has been seen there a lot this RAF woman." The Corrie cast have also reported feeling the spirits of former soap stars including Jean Alexander and Pat Phoenix, who played Hilda Ogden and Elsie Tanner – with Yvette revealing that the ghost of Pat Phoenix may have come through during their investigation. She said: "I remember Elsie Tanner, her picture was in a hallway or something, and weirdly enough it started to rattle. There was some tapping coming through, and it was just bizarre.

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    "I can't remember if it was Sue Cleaver or was it Steve [Simon Gregson]…I can't remember. I have a mind blank when it comes to names. But they were all there. They were all lovely. "It was bizarre because they were putting their ears to Elsie's picture and going, 'is that you?' Knock twice for yes and once for no.' "I was like, this is bizarre. Elsie Tanner's face is looking at me and smiling!"

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