Yet Another Spider-Man Spin-Off Movie Is In Development

Following the news yesterday that Sony has hired director S.J. Clarkson to make a new female-focused superhero movie, it’s been reported that another movie in the studio’s Spider-Man universe is in development. This one will focus on the character of Jackpot.

According to Deadline, Marc Guggenheim will write the screenplay for a potential Jackpot movie. Guggenheim has previously worked on a number of superhero shows, including Supergirl, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, as well as Guillermo Del Toro’s animated Netflix series Trollhunters and 3Below. He has also written comic books such as Aquaman and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Jackpot was created by Dan Slott and Phil Jimenez, and first appeared in the Comic Book Day giveaway Spider-Man: Swing Shift in 2007. Jackspot’s identity was initially Sara Ehret, a scientist who is exposed to a virus that gave her superhuman strength. She subsequently sold the identity to another woman, Alana Jobson, who continued her crime-fighting work.

So far only one movie from Sony’s extended Spidey universe has been released–2018’s Venom. However, Venom 2 and Morbius are both set for release in 2021, having moved back from their initial dates later this year.

There are also a variety of other movies adapted from Spider-Man comic book characters in development. While it’s unknown which hero Clarkson’s movie will be about, it could potentially be Madame Web. In addition, films focusing on Black Cat, Silver Sable, Silk, and Kraven the Hunter have all been rumored over the past couple of years.

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