Why the 2019 Fall TV season will be the best in history

Okay, so the term “Peak TV” is thrown around a lot, but there’s one thing you can’t argue: The sheer volume of good stuff now available on small (and smaller) screens is overwhelming. Traditionally, this content comes heaviest during pumpkin spice season, which seems to start earlier every year (certainly hotter, but that’s one for the Koch brothers). Anyhow, it’s Fall TV time, which is very different than it was in misty ancient days, when ABC heralded its premieres by risking the lives of Doris Roberts and 8,000 other stars by launching them skyward in hot air balloons. This year’s EW Fall TV Preview is as stuffed with useful information as the Book of Shadows in Charmed. Only it’s 10 times more magical. And it will transform you utterly, and take you to mystic places. Because good TV will do that to people.

Speaking of good, this is the farewell season of NBC’s The Good Place, which has quietly built one of the most devoted fandoms around — while also managing to teach us a little philosophy. The brainchild of Mike Schur, The Good Place is part of a long tradition of memorable comedies from the Peacock Network (and by amazing coincidence, NBC is celebrating its legacy of funny with a party co-hosted by EW on Sep. 16 — how’s that for a shameless plug?). Our issue gives readers an exclusive look at the show’s last episodes, in addition to going deep on the endings of The CW’s Arrow and Supernatural, Fox’s Empire, and ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder.

Good TV is popping up all over — on CBS, creative power couple Michelle and Robert King have created something truly original and terrifying in Evil, a supernatural horror series that will have you clutching your rosary beads. And HBO with two highly anticipated adaptations: His Dark Materials, starring the arresting Dafne Keen, and Watchmen, which will likely cement Regina King‘s status as one of best actresses of her generation.

And then there’s the streaming supernova. Our cover stars Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon lead the launch of Apple TV+ with The Morning Show, while Disney+ continues to expand the Star Wars universe with The Mandalorian (for which we created a special collectible cover). EW touches on more than 130 shows in our preview, which has led us to realize that our beloved What to Watch section is more valuable than ever. Not only will we continue to publish it daily online, we’re bringing it back to the pages of our wellspring magazine by popular demand.

So yes, there’s way, way too much good TV. But we promise not to steer you wrong — or put anybody in a hot air balloon.

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