Who is Vander on NCIS LA? Who plays him?

NCIS: Los Angeles – Sneak clip of new episode "Bonofides"

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NCIS: Los Angeles returns to CBS and the upcoming episode of the 13th season introduces a new threat. Percy Vander must be hunted down by Sam Hanna (played by LL Cool J), but it will not be smooth sailing. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about the new enemy.

Who is Vander on NCIS LA?

The official synopsis for the upcoming episode says: “When DOJ Agent Lance Hamilton’s partner is killed, Sam dons his previous undercover persona of ‘Switch’ to find the culprit.

“Also, Kensi, Deeks, Roundtree and Kilbride work to catch an aerospace engineer who stole classified Navy schematics.”

A sneak peek clip from the episode has been released and it shows Hollace Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) briefing Agent Hanna about his next mission.

He says: “You see personas are tricky things, to be good, to feel real, you have to have a part of you in them.

“But when that happens, when that line between person and persona gets blurred, it’s impossible to keep the people we are investigating at arm’s length.”

Agent Hanna is seen looking uncomfortable as a photo of Percy Vander is shown.

He continues: “You are human, you let them in. What’s work, what’s real, hard to tell.

“I need you to tell me right now, Agent Hanna, can you hunt this man Vander down or are you too personally invested?”

Hanna looks as though he is in trouble, so there could be a personal connection between the pair.

Who plays Vander in NCIS LA?

The character is played by Ski Carr, a California-born actor who began his career in Soul Train.

He went on to tour with R&B pop sensation New Edition as a dancer.

In terms of his acting career, he has taken on theatre roles, having starred in a number of Shakespeare plays.

Carr’s focus has since been on film and television work, but he recently returned to the stage to play Don John in Much Ado About Nothing.

The star’s other credits include The Family Business, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Chicago Fire and Blue Bloods.

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He has also taken on guest roles in CSI: Miami and Conviction.

Also known as Louie Ski Carr, the star is on Instagram but his profile is private.

His bio says: “Streets of Inglewood. Grew up on Soul Train. Became a Professional Actor. Fell in Love With Salsa. UFC Trained.”

The star has a website on which he shares his thoughts about his acting journey.

He said: “Becoming the best actor I can be is, and has been, my main focus in life.

“I have studied my entire career. I still study. I have been blessed with great mentors.”

He may love acting but the star’s passion for dancing is still as strong as ever.

He said: “Dance has never left me. The dance of a character, the music inside him, how he moves, these ideas come to me quickly.

“I put down roots with Soul Train. The tree grew from there.”

NCIS: Los Angeles airs on CBS on Sundays at 8pm ET.

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