Who is actor Zach Woods from Big Mouth and The Office?

ZACH Woods is a versatile actor who has had his share of memorable roles.

He played Gabe in the American version of The Office.

Who is Zach Woods?

The 36-year-old Woods is an actor and writer who has appeared in The Office, Silicon Valley, Big Mouth, and dozens of other shows.

Woods was born on September 25, 1984, in Trenton, New Jersey.

He was described by EW earlier this year as a "gentle comedy assassin" who "quietly steals scenes, expertly dismembers them, and respectfully buries their corpses."

"I used to fall asleep listening to Chris Rock’s Bigger & Blacker," he told the magazine.

"I wanted to be well-liked, and I felt oppressively aware of other people’s experience of me. And I liked how “f- you” he was.

"It’s a very aggressive delivery. He’s literally screaming – he’s so smart and so funny – and he’d say things that seemed completely impermissible."

He played what EW described as "delicately damaged, off-kilter Piped Piper servant" Jared on HBO's Silicon Valley for six seasons, and now stars in the HBO space parody Avenue 5.

His character Matt is "the ship’s agreeable yet aggressively apathetic head of customer relations," according to EW.

Who does he play in The Office?

Woods plays Gabe Lewis in The Office, which aired from 2005 to 2013.

He had many memorable moments on the show, including when Gabe dressed up as Lady Gaga.

"For some reason people really bring that up a lot," he told EW.

The character also hosted a Glee viewing party, played his music for Andy (Ed Helms) mid-puke, and revealed his middle name – which is Susan.

The best Gabe moment, according to Screen Rant, was when he showed off his bootcut jeans.

Who does he voice in Big Mouth?

Woods voiced the character of Daniel on two episodes of Big Mouth.

The animated series, which stars Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, and Jessi Klein, can be found on Netflix.

"Teenage friends find their lives upended by the wonders and horrors of puberty in this edgy comedy from real-life pals Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg," reads the description.

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