Where to spot the Furys in Morecambe as travel to the seaside town soars in popularity

Seaside town Morecambe Bay in Lancashire may not have been on your radar before the last few weeks. But if, like us, you're addicted to At Home With The Furys, you might be thinking about taking a trip there.

Tyson Fury and Paris Fury live in a mansion in the small town with their six children Venezuela, 13, Prince John James, 12, Prince Tyson II, seven, Prince Adonis Amaziah, four, Valencia, five, and Athena, two.

They're soon set to welcome a seventh child to their family in September. According to Expedia, they've put the destination out there as a great place to visit.

Since the show launched on 16 August, travel searches for Morecambe have spiked almost 65 per cent. So if you fancy a trip there and want to catch a glimpse of the Fury family, here's where you might spot them…

The Midland Hotel

The Fury's are big fans of the restaurant at the hotel and regularly go there for dinner. It's a four star accommodation and rooms start from £129 per night.

The Midland Hotel actually has a very big part in the show. During the first episode and a family get-together, its where Tyson's half brother Tommy reveals that he and his fiancée Molly Mae are expecting a baby girl.

Tyson and Paris were delighted to hear the news, excitedly and hugging Molly and Tommy. They also asked to see a sneak peek of the bump and Molly admitted she was actually 6 months pregnant.

It's also where Tyson tells his wife he's planning to make a return to boxing The Midland Hotel is a popular haunt of the Fury family so if you head there during your trip, you might see them.

Morecambe South Beach

Tyson goes for a run in the Netflix show along the seafront most mornings. For him, exercise is an important part of his routine after retiring from boxing and helps him manage his mental health.

The show doesn't shy away from Tyson's mental health struggles. He's openly spoken about his struggles including depression to anxiety since 2015 and the support of his partner Paris is undeniable.

Paris said in a recent interview with OK!: "For every sufferer there’s always someone behind them, a partner, a friend, a loved one, trying to be the rock for that person.

"Sometimes it’s tiring and it’s annoying, but for us, once Tyson was diagnosed it really helped. We started realising there were reasons why he was pushing us away or being negative. It’s not a personal vendetta against me as his partner."

St Mary's Church, Poulton

Athena, the youngest daughter of Paris and Tyson, is christened at St Mary's Church in Poulton. As the Fury's have a traveller background, they are very religious.

In true Fury style, after the ceremony in the stunning church, they had a big party at The Midland Hotel with a large number of their family and friends.

They all dressed up for the event, celebrating Athena being christened in style. Thinking of popping in for Sunday service? You could stand alongside Tyson and Paris.

Keegan’s coffee shop Poulton Square

We've all got our own favourite local cafes and Tyson is no different. In his Netflix show, he's seen popping into Keegan's coffee shop for a cup of tea.

He seems to show unwavering support for the local business as back in 2020, he made another visit to the cafe. On that occasion, he was seen tucking into smoked salmon and poached eggs on toast.

He enjoyed the healthy meal with a black coffee, fresh from a victory over Deontay Wilder. We're always looking for brunch recommendations on holiday so note this one down if you fancy a selfie with Tyson Fury!

Atkinson’s chip shop Albert Road

No Friday night is complete without a chippy tea. A proper staple of the British culture, fish and chips seem to taste even better by the sea.

Perhaps that's why the Furys opted to pay a visit to the chippy during filming of At Home With The Furys. The chippy is one of the many locations the family went to during the three months film crews were in Morecambe.

Paris told the Loose Women last year: "I think we will be filming around five days on and two days a week."

If, like us, you're huge fans of a chippy, keep your eyes peeled for the Furys in Atkinson's chip shop!

Sunnyside Campsite

During one of the episodes, Tyson decides on a whim to take his family camping. He opts for Sunnyside Campsite near their home in the Heaton with Oxcliffe area of Morecambe.

The wholesome evening was a great chance for the Furys to have some quality time together.

In a Facebook post, the campsite said: "The team at Sunnyside Campsite are absolutely delighted to be featured in the new Netflix documentary, such a pleasure to have the Fury family as our guests and to meet the lovely team from Netflix."

If you decide to go camping while you're in Morecambe, you never know, the Furys could be there.

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