Where is Channel 4 drama Help filmed?

JODIE Comer and Stephen Graham will star in Channel 4’s upcoming drama Help, which explores the relationship between a care home worker and a patient with early Onset Alzheimer’s.

The Liverpool-based series is set during the coronavirus pandemic, which turns everything upside down for the care home's staff and its patients.

Where is Channel 4 drama Help filmed?

Help comes from prolific screenwriter Jack Thorne, who has has produced countless hits including His Dark Materials, The Cursed Child, This Is England and award-winning film Wonder.

Jodie Comer became something of a household name after her role as Villanelle in BBC thriller Killing Eve and in 2021 she starred opposite Ryan Reynolds in blockbuster comedy Free Guy. 

Meanwhile Stephen Graham has a long and impressive acting career under his belt, previously appearing in Time, This Is England, Line of Duty and The Irishman. 

The seasoned actor also joined Jodie to star in the 2021 film Free Guy, which marked the third time the pair had worked together since the 2012 series Good Cop.

The Channel 4 drama is filmed in Jodie and Stephen's hometown of Liverpool, following the relationship between a young worker, Sarah, and her patient, Tony.

The actors were also seen shooting scenes for Help in a caravan in Cheshire.

The Daily Mail reported that this set was used to reflect the real-life situation of carers during the pandemic.

Many brave carers moved into mobile homes in an attempt to reduce their chance of catching Covid-19 and passing it on to their patients.

Is Help filmed in a real nursing home?

The story is about a fictional Liverpool care home, but it will feel very real to those across the country who found themselves in similar situations during the pandemic.

The short Channel 4 drama has received funding and support from Liverpool Film Office and will reflect on 2020 with some outrage.

Writer Jack Thorne said: “30,000 people have died unnecessarily in these care homes because of the indifference and incompetence of our government.

"Hearing the stories of those at the frontline, having people break down in tears on zoom in front of us has been incredibly moving and galling.

“Getting the story right will be incredibly important, we are aware of the pressure upon us, this has to be written and made with anger and precision."

When was Help filmed?

The one-off two hour drama was commissioned by Channel 4 in November last year, with filming taking place in early 2021.

The show itself takes place in March 2020 at the beginning of the first UK lockdown as the Coronavirus pandemic takes its hold of the country and the rest of the world.

Speaking about the story of those who had to go through so much during the pandemic screenwriter Jack said: "We hope we do it justice.”

When is Help on Channel 4?

Help will air on Channel 4 on Thursday, September 16, at 9pm and it will also be available on catchup via All4.

After the series was announced, Jodie commented: “I am, of course, thrilled to finally be working alongside Stephen and the supremely talented Jack, Marc and those at Channel 4.

“For us to be able to explore such a relevant and emotive story through the eyes of such beautifully real characters, and in our home city of Liverpool, is a real honour.

“We’re determined to do justice to so many of the untold stories and heroes that have been affected as a result of this crisis and to handle them with care.”

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