When does The Singapore Grip start on ITV and what's it about?

ITV's new period drama The Singapore Grip chronicles the fall of the British Empire in East Asia.

The drama, based on the J.G. Farrell classic of the same name, stars Luke Treadaway and David Morrissey.

When does The Singapore Grip start on ITV?

The Singapore Grip is yet to get a premiere date but will be airing on ITV at some point in late 2020.

There is a total of six episodes, which are expected to be broadcast weekly.

The series is executive produced by Damien Timmer, the man behind series such as Poldark, Victoria and Endeavour.

What is The Singapore Grip about?

The Singapore Grip tells the story of the crumbling British Empire as the show tackles imperialism and racism during this era. The show chronicles the self-deluded superiority of Britons in the military stronghold as Japanese tanks rolled towards them.

The Singapore Grip follows the British Blackett family, who live in Asia and are caught in the conflict.

Walter Blackett is keen to make as much profit as he can despite the impending war. He also plans to marry off his equally deceitful daughter Joan to his business partner's son, Matthew Webb.

However, when Matthew arrived in Singapore, Chinese woman Vera Chiang catches his eye. This puts a nail in the works of the Blackett's greedy plans.

The period drama was filmed in Malaysia rather than Singapore as the country is now much more built up and looked different from how it would have done during the 1940s, then the story is set.

Among the filming locations were Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

Who is in the cast of The Singapore Grip?

The show stars David Morrissey as Walter Blackett, and Luke Treadaway as Matthew Web.

Game of Thrones actor Charles Dance, Gangs of London’s Colm Meaney, and Absolutely Fabulous star Jane Horrocks also join the cast.

Further cast members include Elizabeth Tan, Georgia Blizzard, Luke Newberry and Lilo Baier.

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