What’s on TV: Saturday, June 29

Luxury Homes Revealed Australia

9Life, 2.30pm

Given that this real estate show opens with an (admittedly prestigious) new Melbourne apartment tower project that is still just a showroom model, it's clear that the editorial priorities reside with the marketing partners; every talking point draws gushing praise from presenter Gary Takle. Eventually the episode does get to some actual abodes, although the prevalence of sky high penthouses makes this more about stickybeaking than anything practical.

999 What’s Your Emergency

999:What's Your Emergency?

Ten, 8.45pm

The hook for the latest edition in the ever growing list of British observational documentaries about the emergency services is that each 999 call inWiltshire could result in a story involving police, fire, ambulance, or a combination of all three, being dispatched. But what's really to the fore is using the incidents to put a marker down on Britain's current state – this is a series that bluntly acknowledges the stresses of austerity, the fault lines of Brexit, and the fractures in racial tolerance. This episode starts with inappropriate behaviour in a back garden, but the tone quickly darkens and some of these spiteful conflicts reveal tragic flaws.

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