What’s on TV: Monday, March 11

10 Peach, Monday-Thursday, 6.30pm

It didn't quite have the impact of Molly passing on from A Country Practice but when Sonia (Eve Morey) finally succumbed to ovarian cancer last week, it was certainly a milestone. And the Ramsay Street crew did it justice. In a two-hander featuring the two favourites – Morey and Ryan Maloney – the couple traversed the last hours of Sonia's life with dignity, humour, and as much honesty as you can expect from a family-friendly prime-time soap. It was also smart to screen that episode on a Friday. It's the nature of soaps that the show goes on, along with the multitude of other storylines. This week it's all about the Mark-Elly-Chloe love triangle. Will Mark be left at the altar? If not, where does that leave Chloe? Is Susan being sucked in by evil Finn? Some, if not all, will be revealed.

Instant Hotel host and judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

The Kennedys
SBS, 7.35pm

Narrated by Martin Sheen, this handsome documentary isn't Ken Burns but it's still worth watching. Just as the Vietnam War was the first to be televised, the Kennedy presidency was the first to be comprehensively captured on film, often in a relatively candid manner, and the filmmakers exploit that archival trove. Likewise the innumerable experts on the Kennedy family and the Kennedy presidency, all of whom tend to be fond but not uncritical and all of whom have something different to contribute. Focusing as it does exclusively on 1961 this episode also covers a fascinating period in history for both the US and the world. It started with the Bay of Pigs and included the beginning of the space race, the Freedom Riders and Bobby Kennedy's blooding in racial politics, and JFK's ill-fated meeting with Brezhnev.

Instant Hotel.

Instant Hotel
Seven, 9pm

Don't worry if you've missed the season so far. We've hit the finals, and the four couples remaining are the ones you would have been most interested in anyway, including the colourful couple from Coober Pedy and the arrogant twats from Cairns. So. Finals means each couple are given $10,000 to zhuzh up their premises, turning this into a renovation show. And judging is no longer individual, it's an all-in jury thing in which the final score must be unanimous. And which, for no clear reason, has to take place at a dinner party. Turning this into – well, take your pick. First up, Debbie and Justin transform their perfectly nice apartment into a slightly different perfectly nice apartment. It's all good clean goofy fun but could seriously have run for half the time and been much better for it.

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