What's next for Daniel as he deals with life without Sinead in Corrie?

Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) in Coronation Street said an emotional goodbye to his wife Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) after she lost her battle with cancer a few weeks ago and as the aftermath of her death continues to affect a number of people on the cobbles, not only his family but viewers have also been wondering just how Sinead’s death will affect Daniel.

Daniel has a lot of guilt weighing on his shoulders after kissing Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon), but where could his storyline go next?

He leaves the street

Recent episodes saw Daniel take son Bertie to Scotland for some time away from the street. As he returns to the street tonight to say his goodbyes at Sinead’s funeral, could the time away that Daniel had allowed him to think about his life on the cobbles, and possibly leave the street for good?

He has a breakdown

In 2017, Daniel had a breakdown during the months when Ken Barlow (William Roche) discovered it was Daniel who pushed him down the stairs. In the week of Sinead’s final days, viewers saw Daniel kiss Bethany and pass out by the canal after heavily drinking. With Daniel feeling guilty for his actions and also having the stress of looking after baby Bertie as a single father, could things get too much for him and result in a breakdown? If this does happen, who will be around to care for Bertie?

His relationship with Bethany continues 

Bethany and Daniel began to grow closer when a man from Bethany’s sex abuse past came into the Bistro with his family. As Sinead’s cancer storyline progressed, Daniel and Bethany grew closer together but it didn’t go unnoticed as Sinead and Audrey (Sue Nicholls) both asked Daniel and Bethany if there was anything going on. Despite the denials, a short story that Bethany wrote of which Sinead had read, allowed her to figure out that her husband had been disloyal. As well as Daniel feeling guilty for kissing Bethany, it’s safe to say that Bethany feels as though she is to blame. The chemistry is there between the two of them, so could Daniel move on from Sinead and see his relationship with Bethany continue? We know that Lucy Fallon is set to leave the soap early next year, could this be the start of her exit storyline?

His mum Denise returns

We last saw Daniel’s mum Denise (Denise Black) in 2017 during Daniel’s breakdown. The two of them have an interesting relationship to say the least and when Denise’s name was mentioned to Daniel after Sinead had died, he refused to tell his mother and have her support. As Daniel adapts to life as a single parent, could we be seeing the return of Denise so she can help her son? If Daniel doesn’t want to contact Denise, could things get so bad someone else contacts her instead?

He makes mistakes as a single dad

Raising a child on your own is an incredibly difficult job, but raising a child on your own after your wife lost her battle with cancer would make everything a lot tougher. There is no doubt that Daniel is a good dad who cares for Bertie and, after making a promise to Sinead that he will look after Bertie, so far he’s certainly managed things as well as he could. If Daniel is unable to cope and talk about how he is feeling which could lead to a possible breakdown, what affect will this have on his son? If Daniel doesn’t look after himself, how will he be able to look after Bertie?

He accepts help

Just because of Daniel’s past, it doesn’t necessarily mean the path he takes without Sinead will be a negative one. Of course, the man will grieve, he’s just lost his wife! But based on how he was in 2017, Daniel could accept all sorts of help from everyone offering. We’ve seen him distance himself from people before he went away but as he returns to the cobbles for the funeral, could Daniel realise how important it is to have his family and Bertie’s family around him and allow people to help him move on?

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