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What time is Mastermind on, what is the prize, how can I apply?

Here's everything  you need to know about when it's on and how you can apply to test out your knowledge…

What time is Mastermind on?

Mastermind airs every Friday at 8pm on BBC Two.

The current series started in October 2018 and is comprised of 31 episodes.

Mastermind first aired in 1972 with host Magnus Magnusson – it's currently presented by John Humphrys.

The show's format is that contestants must answer questions on General Knowledge followed by a specialist subject of their choice.

What is the prize for winning Mastermind?

Unlike other gameshows, there is no cash prize for winning Mastermind.

Instead the victor receives a Caithness Glass bowl – each one is unique and decorated by engraver Denis Mann.

They of course also have the honour and glory of being crowned Mastermind champion.

Previous winners have gone on to become minor celebrities such as London cabbie Fred Housego who won in 1980.

The highest ever score was obtained by Kevin Ashman in 1995 who got 41 points with his specialist subject The Life of Martin Luther King.

He went on to star as a panellist on The Eggheads and has also been a question setter for the Radio 4 quiz show Brain of Britain.

How can I apply to be on Mastermind?

In order to apply to be on the show you have to fill out an online application form on the BBC Two website.

Details you have to include are three possible specialist subjects, your career history, education and qualifications.

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