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BLUEY is a cartoon beloved by both children AND their parents, thanks to its adorable storylines.

The popular series focuses on a young pup called Bluey, but her dad Bandit Heeler also has an army of fans.

What does Bluey's dad Bandit do for a living?

Although Bluey is the central character, the breakout star has to be her father Bandit Heeler.

Bandit works as an archaeologist, because he loves digging for bones.

We also know he works from home sometimes, and has a beautiful office which includes artefacts from his travels.

Bandit is often at home with the kids, but he also has had to make some long work trips.

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The popular character is voiced by musician David McCormack, who has previously revealed that he had never acted before, and that Bluey was his first gig.

Like Bandit, he's a dad, so he revealed how the role doesn't always require a huge amount of acting.

Speaking to the Sky News' Backstage podcast he said: "My secret weapon was when we started doing it I had daughters who were three and five, and maybe that's the approximate age of Bingo and Bluey.

"So they gave me the script and I'd read it and whatever was happening in the script probably happened to me that day or last week or that morning."

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Bandit is often praised by fans for being a brilliant father, and an inspiration to parents.

But David also revealed he could learn a thing or two from Bandit.

He laughed: "I wish I was more like Bandit Heeler, but you know what advantage Bandit has?

"He's only being Bandit for seven minutes at a time – we've got to do parenting 24/7, 365."

Who is Bandit's family?

Bandit is married to his wife Chilli and together they have two kids, Bluey and Bingo.

Bandit's dad and mum are Bob and Nana, and he has three siblings called Trixie, Rad, and Stripe.

Meanwhile, Chilli's father is Mort, and her older sister is Brandy.

The couple are also aunt and uncle to Socks and Muffin.

When did Bandit meet Chilli?

Chilli has previously revealed she meet Bandit at a party in London.

She recalled in the first ever episode of Bluey how he had a "finger up his nose" when they first met.

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The two began dating, and eventually went on a backpacking trip to Italy.

While there, Bandit proposed to Chilli, and the pair went on to get married.

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