‘We’re on brink of WW3!’ Ex-US VP Quayle warns of dire consequences of Putin victory

Russia: Ex-US Vice President fears we're on the brink of WW3

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The former Vice President of the United States Dan Quayle has told Good Morning Britain on ITV that “we are on the brink of WW3.” Mr Quayle argued that World War can be avoided if Vladimir Putin’s attempt to take control of Ukraine is beaten back before reaching NATO territory. 

Mr Quayle told GMB: “Are we on the brink of World War Three? That’s a fair question.

“I hope not it all depends on Putin.

“If he gets control of Ukraine, and he starts to continue to move west to NATO countries, then you’re on the brink of World War Three and probably into World War Three.

He added: “It’s in his playbook. That’s why we have to stop him in Ukraine.”


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