Walking Dead cast: Who plays Luke in The Walking Dead? Meet star

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AMC zombie series The Walking Dead has been on screens for the best part of the decade. The show has one of the largest casts for any programme on the box with the body count high thanks to the dangers of the apocalypse. Some audience members are curious to know more about character Luke (played by Dan Folger) – Express.co.uk has what you need to know about him and the actor behind the survivor.

Who plays Luke in The Walking Dead?

Luke is portrayed by US stand-up comedian, writer and actor Dan Fogler, who has been part of the drama since season nine.

Fogler debuted in the AMC series back in 2018 when the Alexandrians encountered Magna (Nadia Hilker).

Luke was part of Magna’s group of survivors, who eventually joined the communities with the character settling at Hilltop.

Prior to The Walking Dead, Fogler built up an impressive acting CV in many other films and television projects.


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According to IMDb, he started off his career in the late Nineties and has been working steadily ever since then.

Audiences are also likely to recognise Fogler from American sitcom The Goldbergs as Marvin Goldberg, Lt. Black in M’larky and Dave Lindsey in Secret and Lies.

His other credits include TV series Robot Chicken, Man Up!, Balls of Fury, Hannibal and 30 Nights.

The star has lent his voice to various movies including American Dad!, Horton Hears a Who!, and Kung Fu Panda.

Fogler will next be starring in the Harry Potter franchise film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3, Spinning Gold and The Argument.

Speaking about his Walking Dead character, Folger previously said in 2018: “Luke is a new kind of character for this show.

“First of all, I want people to look out for his professorial elbow patches because I asked for those. They scream ‘teacher’ to me. The fact that he’d hold onto this blazer in the heat gave a nice clue into his character.

“There’s not a lot of comedy on the show, but I do get to have some light moments. He has a real zen attitude about life and that whimsical personality in the midst of chaos can be funny…

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“You look at him and say, ‘How the hell did this guy survive?’ He’s an odd duck, but this guy is smart, philosophical and he can defend himself.”

Fogler added: “He’s a great character to play. I’m excited for people to see me as a survivor.”

Reflecting on joining the cast, Fogler said before he started filming The Walking Dead, he got to know his fellow actors during the rehearsal process.

He said the chemistry with his co-stars was there “immediately” and they bonded over learning sign language as part of their roles.

Fogler explained: “Lauren [Ridloff] plays Connie and she was basically our secret weapon out in the wilderness.

“Even though she’s deaf, her other senses were extremely heightened and we were able to communicate in silence with each other.


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“Angel [Theory], who plays Kelly, is an angel. She has such a sweet energy. She’s also partially deaf, so we learned from her as well.

“Then you have Yumiko [Eleanor Matsuura] and Magna [Nadia Hilker] who are kind of like two sisters on either side of the spectrum. Yumiko is the more logical one and Magna is fiery and spontaneous.”

Fogler admitted he was similar to Luke and he often felt like he was “speaking in my own voice” when playing his character.

The actor said: “He’s me in a parallel universe if acting didn’t work out and the apocalypse happened.

“We formed a strong bond and I think it comes through on screen in each episode. Every time we save each other’s lives, the bond grows stronger.”

The Walking Dead season 10 will return to AMC and FOX UK later this year

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