‘VPR’: Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss Had Sex in Her Car After Ariana Madix’s Dog Died

In a sneak peek at the upcoming finale of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ season 10, Ariana tells Scheana Shay and Katie Maloney how she first found out that Tom was cheating on her with Raquel.

AceShowbizAriana Madix reveals more details about Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss‘ affair behind her back. In a sneak peek at the upcoming finale of “Vanderpump Rules” season 10, Ariana tells her co-stars how she first found out that Tom was cheating on her with Raquel.

“I went with Tom to Tom Tom because he had that party thing. I found a screen recording of them on FaceTime,” Ariana says to Scheana Shay and Katie Maloney. “It was literally from the night before. He was at Schwartz’s.”

Katie can’t help being shocked after hearing that the risque FaceTime call took place at her estranged husband Tom Schwartz‘s home. “He was at Schwartz’s doing this?” she asks in disbelief.

Ariana later reveals that she immediately confronted Raquel. “I called Raquel and I started like, making her like, f**king tell me what the f**k? When did this start?” Ariana goes on to say.

“She said, ‘Right after the girls trip.’ I’m like, ‘You mean right after Charlotte died?’ ” she adds. In a flashback scene, Ariana can be seen telling her castmates that she needs to go back earlier because her dog Charlotte “is not going to come back this time.”

Back to the present time, Ariana says Raquel told her that they kissed. “Well, later that night when we were out here, I pressed Tom. And he said, well, they actually f**ked in her car that night. And he didn’t have a key to get in so he had to ring the doorbell and I had to let him in.”

Both Scheana and Katie are stunned. “I’m… no,” Katie responds. “My emotions were clearly all over the place and he was angry at me. Angry. At me!” Ariana concludes.

Tom and Raquel’s affair was exposed in early March. Both of them issued public apologies to Ariana, though Tom claimed in an interview with Howie Mandel that he and Ariana already broke up when the news broke online. Ariana, meanwhile, appears to have moved on with Daniel Wai.

Season 10 finale of “Vanderpump Rules” will air on May 17 on Bravo. It will be followed by the three-part reunion that kicks off May 24.

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