Unsolved Mysteries Netflix release date: When is it out? How many episodes?

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Netflix announced last year the iconic documentary series Unsolved Mysteries was getting a reboot. After more than one year of waiting, the new series of Unsolved Mysteries is here with a host of new episodes. Express.co.uk has everything you need to know.

When is Unsolved Mysterious out on Netflix?

Unsolved Mysteries premieres on Wednesday, July 1 on Netflix worldwide.

The series will be released at midnight California time as this is where Netflix’s headquarters are based.

Due to the time difference, Netflix UK users will be able to stream and download Unsolved Mysterious from 8.01am British Summer Time.

To watch Unsolved Mysteries, you can subscribe to Netflix from £7.99 per month.

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How many episodes are in Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix?

Volume one of Unsolved Mysteries will be released on Netflix on Wednesday, July 1.

There are 12 episodes in total and the series has been split into two halves known as volume one and two.

On Wednesday, only the first six episodes will be available to watch, with the remaining six dropping at a later date.

All six episodes will be available to stream and download in one go, allowing true-crime fans to binge-watch the series.

The new Unsolved Mysteries comes from the show’s original creators Terry Dunn Meurer and John Cosgrove and is produced by the same team behind Netflix’s Stranger Things.

This time around things are a little different, as the series will cover international mysteries instead of solely US cases.

The original series had shorter episodes devoted to several different unsolved crimes and paranormal activity.

Instead, the rebooted version will dedicate an entire hour to one unsolved case per episode.

The late Robert Stack hosted the original series of Unsolved Mysteries.

Sadly, Stack died in 2003 of heart failure. He was 84-years-old.

The rebooted series does not feature a host, with Muuere telling TV Insider: “We feel it’s impossible to fill Robert Stack’s shoes.”

Express.co.uk has everything you need to know about the first six episodes.

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Episode One – Mystery on the Rooftop

The first episode looks into the death of newlywed Rey Rivera, who was found in an abandoned conference room at Baltimore’s historic Belvedere Hotel in May 2006, eight days after he mysteriously disappeared.

The Baltimore police maintained 32-year-old Rivera took his own life, the medical examiner ruled his death as ‘unexplained’.

Episode Two – 13 Minutes

The second instalment of Unsolved Mysteries shines a light on the missing person case of Patrice Endres, 38.

Endres was last seen in broad daylight leaving a hair salon in Cummng, Georgia.

Episode Three – House of Terror

Episode three sheds light on the tragic case of 2011 when French police discovered the wife and four children of Count Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès buried under the back porch of their home in Nantes.

Ligonnès was not among the dead and has not been seen since the bodies were found.

Episode Four – No Ride Home

The Synopsis for episode four reads: “Alonzo Brooks, 23, never returned home from a party he attended with friends in the predominantly white town of La Cygne, Kansas.

“A month later, a search party led by his family locates Alonzo’s body — in an area that law enforcement had already canvassed multiple times.

“The FBI recently reopened the case and on June 11, 2020, announced a $100,000 (£81,370) reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any responsible parties in Alonzo’s death.”


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Episode Five – Berkshire’s UFO

The penultimate episode is a bit different in comparison to the first four episodes.

Episode five documents the supposed UFO sighting in Berkshire County, Massachusetts on September 1, 1969.

The episode will see witnesses give their accounts of what they saw that night, many speaking for the first time

Episode Six – Missing Witness

The final episode of Volume One of Unsolved Mysteries documents the disappearance of Lena Chapin, who was 17-years-old.

Chapin had to confessed to helping her mother dispose of her murdered stepfather’s body and agreed to testify against her mother in court.

However, before the authorities could deliver the summons, Lena had disappeared, leaving behind a young son.

Unsolved Mysteries premieres Wednesday, July 1 on Netflix

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