TV host left red-faced as dozens of people orgasm in x-rated ‘wellness class’

A TV presenter was left a bit embarrassed when dozens of people began orgasming in the same room as her during a so-called wellness class.

Former Radio 1 presenter Alice Levine has been following the lives of people exploring their sexual side in the new Channel 4 series Sex Actually.

In Wednesday's episode (October 6) she was exploring sexual wellness and attended a "full-body orgasm" class.

Alice was then surrounded by attendees in sweatpants all moaning and groaning while standing up and shaking their bodies.

The TV host fails to "orgasm" but can't fail to notice the excited noises emanating around her.

Talking to attendees later, they seemed to really believe they could have a full body orgasm just by meditating and wiggling around on the spot.

One practitioner says she thinks it is important to "connect with my sexual life-force energy".

Another one, a doctor called Josh, said he enjoyed the experience and described it as pleasurable.

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Viewers at home were less convinced and some suggested it was a load of new-age nonsense.

One user blasted: "#SexActually Hmmmm… it's a bit worrying that a DOCTOR, Josh, could be taken in by this load of old b******s!"

"Years ago this full-body orgasm workshop would've been a feature on Eurotrash," joked a second user.

Someone else quipped: "I'm waiting for the song Ages of Aquarius #sexactually."

Another user wrote: "Full body orgasm. Well I have but it’s been a while.

"I was actually having sex though and not stood in a room with a load of middle-aged people in sweat pants."

This comes after a couple began having sex just two metres away from Alice – and she had no clue where to look.

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