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Trust viewers accuse cast of ‘mumbling’ and complain they can’t hear what they’re saying

Fans complained that despite its all-star cast the characters were mumbling and they struggled to hear the dialogue.

The 10-part drama follows the wealthy Getty family and the kidnap of J Paul Getty's (Donald Sutherland) grandson J Paul Getty III (Harris Dickinson), and premiered to an impressive 1.5 million viewers.

Danny Boyle also directed it.

The problem seemed to lie with the sound effects of the show, not the talent of the actors.

One viewer said: "What on earth is wrong with modern TV series & programmes like #Trust on #BBC2 that you have to lower and increase the volume because the dialogue is often ridiculously quiet, but then goes to full volume, ps Not mentioning the music problem!"

Another commented: "What is wrong with the sound?

"I've had to more than double the sound setting to enable me to hear the conversations, then quickly turn it back when the music comes on.

"Very poor quality."

And: "Neighbours have just got a new baby so we're trying to be quiet but having to switch the sound up to 28 to hear dialogue then immediately shut it down for music.

"Really ruins the experience of watching. C'mon #bbc2 #trust – d'you think we all live in Getty mansions?"

Despite the problems with hearing it, it was also roundly praised on social media. 

One viewer called it "bloody brilliant" and another commented that Donald Sutherland "deserves every accolade" for his portrayal of J Paul Getty III.

The head of the Getty empire, Jean Paul was one of the most successful industrialists of all time and at the time of his death in 1976 was worth the equivalent of almost £20bn.

He spoke several languages and had one of the most expansive art collections in the world –  the basis of the Getty Museum in LA.

Trust also stars Charlotte Riley and Hilary Swank.




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