Tokyo Vice’s cast is led by The Fault in Our Stars actor

Suspense thriller Tokyo Vice is almost ready to premiere on BBC One, months after it landed in the States and was renewed for a second season. Inspired by the memoirs of American journalist Jake Adelstein, the series follows his time as a reporter at one of Japan’s most prominent newspapers when he came into contact with dangerous criminal gangs. has everything there is to know about the cast of Tokyo Vice.

Who stars in Tokyo Vice?

Jake Adelstein – Ansel Elgort

Journalist Jake Adelstein moves to Tokyo and starts out by teaching English as a foreign language.

When he starts working for a major newspaper, he starts looking into the city’s criminal underworld.

Actor Ansel Elgort is best known for starring in the movie adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars, opposite actress Shailene Woodley.

He has also been in Baby Driver, the Divergent films and Steven Spielberg’s remake of West Side Story.

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Hiroto Katagiri – Ken Watanabe

Jake ends up working with Hiroto, a detective from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

Together, they look into organised crime taking place in the capital.

Actor Ken Watanabe has been in Inception, Batman Begins and the 2014 reboot movie of Godzilla.

He earned himself an Academy Award nomination for starring in the period drama The Last Samurai.

Samantha Porter – Rachel Keller

American ex-pat Samantha works at a local nightclub and has a varied clientele list, making her very valuable to Jake and his research.

She is played by actress Rachel Keller who has been in Fargo season two and Marvel’s Legion.

Her other credits have included popular Netflix series such as Dirty John and The Society.

Most recently, Keller starred in the Nicholas Cage movie Butcher’s Crossing.

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Jim Miyamoto – Hideaki Itō

Jim is another detective on the force who works closely alongside Jake as he continues his investigation.

Actor Hideaki Itō is best recognised for his work produced in Japan, such as the action-packed Umizaru franchise.

Sato – Shô Kasamatsu

Sato is described as an “enforcer” who is working for Yakuza, an organised crime group.

He is played by Shô Kasamatsu who has been in Japanese dramas like The Naked Director, Dear Patient and Love You as the World Ends.

Polina – Ella Rumpf

Actress Ella Rumpf first gained fame when she starred in the indie cannibal drama Raw in 2016, followed by Netflix’s

Feud and Succession season three.

She is behind Polina, one of Samantha’s colleagues at the Onyx Club who has found herself deep in the criminal underworld as her dreams of becoming a model hadn’t come true.

Emi Maruyama – Rinko Kikuchi

Emi is Jake’s supervisor at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, keeping a close eye on everything that he does.

Actress Rinko Kikuchi has been in Babel, Pacific Rim, Westworld and Invasion.

Tokyo Vice premieres on Tuesday, November 22, at 9.10pm on BBC One.

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