Tiger King 2: What to Expect From the New Season

More drama and big cats are on the way. Netflix’s popular show Tiger King is returning for a second season. The documentary series exploring the world of big cat collectors premiered in March 2020 and became the streaming platform’s highest-rated program. As fans celebrate the news of Season 2, here are details of what to expect with the show’s return.

Will ‘Tiger King’ Season 1 cast members return?

During Season 1, Tiger King fans were introduced to zookeepers such as Jeff Lowe and Doc Antle. But the central focus of the show was eccentric Oklahoma zookeeper Joe Exotic. Joe’s ongoing feud with big cat conservationist Carole Baskin provided plenty of watercooler talk for viewers. One of the key moments from the show involved Joe’s claims that Baskin was responsible for her husband Don Lewis’ 1997 disappearance.

The Season 1 cast members were a unique group. According to CNN.com, it’s unknown if any of the original stars will return. However, given the teaser Netflix released, it seems Joe will be making an appearance.

What storylines will Season 2 focus on?

Joe and Baskin’s rivalry was the main storyline during Season 1. The two engaged in a long-standing legal battle for years. Their feud became so intense that in 2018 he was arrested for hiring two killers to murder Baskin. In January 2020, he was sentenced to 22 years in prison for the crime.

According to People.com, the Season 2 storylines reportedly will focus on Joe’s prison sentence, the ongoing investigation into Lewis’ disappearance, and Lowe’s legal problems. If fans thought the first season was dramatic, Season 2 promises more fireworks.

When will Season 2 premiere?

No official premiere date has been announced. However, Season 2 of Tiger King is expected to air later this year. News of the show’s return is a hot topic in the TV community.

On Twitter, Netflix subscribers had mixed reactions to the documentary’s second season. “Y’all cancelled so many good shows and gave this a second?” wrote one user. Meanwhile, one fan chimed in with, “Yay! Won’t be as good as the first, but something to look forward to.” Whether viewers love it or hate it, Netflix feels there’s more to tell in this story. Season 2 has a lot to live up to compared to the show’s first year.

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