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STACEY Slater turned to camera work as she grew increasingly desperate to gather some extra cash.

But her secrets unravel this week in EastEnders… and fans are expecting her to find support in the form of an ex.

1. Sex work storyline takes surprising turn

The bap van owner portrayed by Lacey Turnergives her family the shock of a lifetime as her secret cam work gets exposed this week on BBC One.

It all begins when Stacey takes her daughter Lily (Lillia Turner) to school after she refuses to go due to bullying she has been facing as a result of her teen pregnancy.

Stacey tries to cheer Lily up by arranging Amy Branning to come over for a sleepover later on and she then furiously shares her concerns with the school headmaster.

She's invited to join the parents' committee that same evening to help stamp out bad behaviour at school but her appearance causes a severe commotion with a group of pupils – they all have access to her Secret Cam page.

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An embarrassed Denzel Danes (Jaden Ladega) and Nugget Gulati (Juhaim Rasul Choudhury) tell Amy (Ellie Dadd) who passes the word on to Lily before she arrives home and outs a mortified Stacey in front of the horrified Slaters.

And it's too much to bear for her mother Jean (Gillian Wright).

Tensions rise in the Slater household as Jean struggles to come to terms with her daughter's cam work.

An emotional Lily later arrives home insisting she wants to quit school for good due to being bullied about her mother's actions.

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While Stacey may consider putting an end to her online career, could it lead her to home-schooling her daughter Lily as she prepares to become a grandmother for the first time?

In time, this could even allow her to turn back to making money online as she tries to remain on top of her financial woes in a hard-hitting sex work storyline focused on breaking the stigma that plagues the industry.

2. Shock reunion

Throughout this week's ordeal, Stacey finds support in the former of her ex-partner Martin Fowler (James Bye).

Reeling from the shock of being exposed, Stacey can't bring herself to face her family but Martin Fowler soon gives her the boost she needs to face down judgemental parents.

In recent scenes, Martin has been seen offering Stacey help and their lingering chemistry hasn't gone amiss.

Viewers of the London-based soap are theorising that Martin and Stacey could be set for a reunion in weeks to come.

Could they be right?


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3. Tensions ahead ahead of heartbreaking exit

Viewers and Walford residents are getting ready for a tearful goodbye to Lola Pearce as Danielle Harold will bow out of the show in upcoming weeks.

However, Ben Mitchell struggles to cope with the thought of her having little time left.

Failing to do so, the mechanic portrayed by Max Bowden is taking his sadness and frustration out on those closest to him.

This week, he's unconvinced Lola should be leaving the hospital after another devastating health complication.

The hairstylist is welcomed home by Walford residents who rally around the family for support but Ben fails to make peace with her prognosis.

This leads him to lash out against both Honey and Billy Mitchell (Emma Barton and Perry Fenwick) as he accuses the family of accepting Lola's prognosis far too easily.

Despite his own pain, Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) found a way to make the most out of Lola's short time as his wife and he decides to head to the Arches to confront Ben.

But the conversation soon escalates when Jay makes a shocking confession which leaves Ben furious.

And one fan has speculated that more conflict is ahead of the long-term friend, particularly as Ben agreed to let Jay adopt his daughter Lexi.

The soap fan began their theory with the suspicion that Lola's death scenes will be aired at the end of May.

"Wait, given she dies on the 31st the parental responsibility order won't have gone through yet right?", they questioned.

"Ben says it takes like 6 weeks for all the paperwork etc? So if she dies beforehand legally Jay has no rights with Lexi, could cause tension with Ben later on."

Could they be on to something?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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