This Is Going To Hurt star opens up on ‘breakdown’ during surgical procedure

This Is Going To Hurt: Ben Whishaw stars in BBC trailer

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This Is Going To Hurt has made its BBC One debut and the comedy-drama is based on former doctor Adam Kay’s memoir. Ben Whishaw plays junior doctor Adam, who works closely with newcomer Shruti (Ambika Mod). Actress Mod spoke to and other press about learning medical procedures on set.

Viewers have fallen in love with the emotional rollercoaster that is This Is Going To Hurt.

The series focuses on the highs and lows experienced on a daily basis by health workers.

Adam is a junior doctor in the obstetrics and gynaecology department and he faces immense pressure.

At the same time, he is tasked with looking after Shruti, who is new to the department.

The pair had to learn various surgical procedures involved when looking after pregnant women.

Mod said: “I really enjoyed it, I had a great time.

“That first day we had one full-on day and it was literally like a crash course in obs and gynae.

“We just did everything, I remember there was a lull after lunch and we learnt how to stitch.

“We had a bit of a breakdown over tying knots and those knots were really specific.

“Then we never had to tie the knots, ever. But I loved it, it was really fun.”

The cast had medical advisors on hand to show them how the job is done in the real world.

Mod said: “It was such a privilege to work with those prosthetics because they are, so I’m told, all the medical advisers said they look so realistic.

“When we were filming it, it looked so true to life and it was just such a privilege to be able to work with that.”

The star is a newcomer to the small screen but she has already made a lasting impression.

Opening up about her nerves, she said: “This is my fourth TV job, I’m from a live comedy background so this was all quite new to me.

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“But yeah, I couldn’t have asked for a better first big job, the whole thing was a dream.

“The team were so amazing. Being able to act opposite Ben [Whishaw] is just nerve-wracking but he put me at ease from day one.”

Shruti is a Senior House Officer who is struggling with the realities of the job.

She feels there is a lack of support from her colleagues, who are too busy to show her the ropes.

Adam reluctantly takes her under his wing and they develop an unlikely friendship.

The pair are polar opposites and come from completely different backgrounds.

Mod said: “Shruti is a woman of colour from a working-class background.

“Adam is a privately educated white male, and he sort of treats her with that same culture of bullying and hazing that he would have gone through when he was coming up through the ranks.”

The series is based on Adam Kay’s memoir of the same name, and he was a doctor between 2004 and 2010.

He left the industry to become a full-time writer.

This Is Going To Hurt airs on Tuesdays on BBC One at 9pm. The series is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.

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