The Yorkshire Vet’s Peter Wright warned Channel 5 bosses ‘no one would watch’

Yorkshire Vet's Peter Wright reveals why he's leaving show

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The Yorkshire Vet follows vets Peter, 64, and Julian Norton, 49, as they care for a selection of animals in the North Yorkshire practice of Skeldale Veterinary Centre. Speaking in an interview last year, Peter said he had told Channel 5 bosses that the idea “had been done before” and wouldn’t work – something he now says he can’t live down as the programme recently aired its twelfth series.

He explained: “When we initiated the planned series of six episodes to start with, I did say to Paul: ‘look Paul, I’m a Yorkshireman, you’re a Yorkshireman, and I don’t want to waste your money but no one will watch it for the simple reason it’s all been done before – you’re wasting your money really’.

“And every time I speak to Paul now, he says ‘well you were wrong weren’t you?’

“I suppose I was wrong. I’m a pessimist by nature and Paul never lets me forget.”

Peter continued: “And I’m absolutely thrilled with the number of fans that we have that follow us, the dedicated loyal fans.”

Paul was trained by famous veterinarian James Heriot, who was recently the subject of the Channel 5 drama, All Creatures Great and Small.

James practiced for almost 50 years and is best known for a series of books he wrote about the veterinary practice in the Yorkshire Dales.

Peter has been a firm fixture on the show since it began in 2015, but even up to 2014, he still wasn’t sold on the idea of the show.

“It dragged on into 2015, just before Easter,” he revealed. “They said ‘look Peter we’re going to have to have a decision from you’ and they said they’d give me Easter weekend to make my mind up.

“So on the Tuesday after Easter, I picked the phone up not knowing what I was going to say at that point, and he reiterated the words ‘I will not let you down, you trust me Peter, I won’t let you down’.

“And I said go on then Paul, send a camera person in and do what you have to do.

“‘We’ll give it a go for a day and if it doesn’t work for us, we’ll call it a day’.”

It was the following day that a lady turned up with a camera, which Peter said “it just went from there.”

In an interview with Fiona Thompson, chairperson for the RTS Yorkshire Centre, he also spoke about the interesting people and animals he has met during his career,.

Peter said: “We still have quite a few characters about. Not as many as there were during the Herriot times, but we still have a few about.

“And after we started to make the programme, it was on telly when I got home one night and I said to my wife ‘why do people watch this?’

“And I think she hit the nail on the head – she said ‘they’re not really interested in you and Julian, the real stars of the programme are the animals’.

“And I think she’s absolutely right. We just turn up and do our job and I think that says it all for me and I’ve never forgotten those words to be honest.”

The Yorkshire Vet has been a huge success over the last six years. Earlier this year, Peter made the decision to leave his beloved practice.

He chose to start afresh at Grace Lane Vets which is situated in the same area.

The Yorkshire Vet is available to watch on Channel 5.

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