The Simpsons fans reckon the show ‘predicted’ fuel shortage and panic buying

The Simpsons fans have reignited a popular conspiracy theory that the show "predicted" the future after it allegedly foreshadowed the fuel crisis.

A clip from the show of Homer Simpson filling his car boot with petrol has gone viral on social media and it's not too far from the reality of what is going on in the UK right now.

In the 2010 episode, called "Lisa Simpson This Isn't Your Life" from season 22, an irate Homer resorts to buying 1,000 gallons of gas to try and win a collectible toy for his daughter Maggie.

The clip was shared on Twitter and watched more than 1,000 times, with some people saying they found the coincidence "eerie".

One viewer tweeted: "Plot twist: The Simpsons are ruling the world undercover."

A second wrote: "The Simpsons have been so right about so much, it's eerie!"

But someone else argued: "I think people are reaching now! This was for a toy, nothing to do with a shortage! People are weird."

The Simpsons has previously stunned viewers by having episodes of Donald Trump as the President of the United States long before he was selected as a Republican candidate.

It also appeared to predict the invention of FaceTime and a global pandemic people compared to the outbreak of Covid.

Mad scenes of panic buying in the UK have included fights at petrol stations, people filling up plastic bottles with fuel even though the unapproved containers might dissolve, and drivers having their full tanks siphoned by callous thieves.

The AA even said that hundreds of motorists broke their cars over the weekend by "panicking" and putting diesel in their petrol engines and vice-versa.

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