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The Haunting of Hill House's terrifying new scenes revealed by cast

A new teaser shows the Netflix horror's stars and crew members shoot an eerie sequence for episode six in just one take.

The long unedited shoot makes for even scarier results as the actors and camera crew try not to succumb to the pressure of fluffing 18 pages of their script.

The clip gives away a number of spooky moments from the episode, including a body laying dead in a coffin, child ghosts and – of course – lightening strikes that are bound to leave viewers jumping out of their seat.

Danger lies around every corner as chandeliers fall from the ceiling and the living dead lurk in the shadows – and there are a lot of shadows.

Writer and director Mike Flanagan said of the shoot: "I wanted an episode that would appear to take place in real time in one single shot.

"The set had to be constructed with this episode in mind."

He enthused: "Every shot was the product of 100 people standing on each other's shoulders and having to execute dozens of tasks."

Actress Carla Gugino, who plays Olivia Crain, added of the episode: "They've programmed every single lighting cue so not only is there lightening, there's also individual beauty lighting cues.

"There's water coming in the fireplace and ghosts appearing and disappearing."

The series is based on a 1959 novel by Shirley Jackson and is written and directed by creator Mike Flanagan.

It was recently revealed that some viewers found the show so terrifying that they passed out while watching. 

The Haunting Of Hill House is available now to stream on Netflix.

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