The Handmaid’s Tale’s Luke actor reveals big regrets over Commander Waterford punch scene – The Sun

The Handmaid's Tale's Luke (O-T Fagbenle) has revealed his big regrets over his punch scene with Commander Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes).

The star – who plays Handmaid June's (Elisabeth Moss) husband – says the moment didn't fit in with his character.

He told Gold Derby: “It is a moment I have some regret over. I was really keen for that punch to look pathetic. Like, for it to hurt, but for it to be a sh**** punch.”

Season three, episode 12 of the Hulu series sees Waterford tell Luke how much Gilead has changed his wife June.

Luke responds by punching the Commander in the face, before he's pulled away by a guard.

As one of the less physical characters on the show, O-T feels Luke wouldn't have been able to land such a punch.

He explained: “It’s another part of my personal keys to Luke, which is that Luke isn’t that much of a physical guy.

“He’s part of this ‘modern man’ who wears a cardigan and reads newspapers… you know, he’s a metro guy!”

Meanwhile, Yvonne Strahovski – who plays the Commander's wife Serena Joy – told fans they have a "long wait" until season four.

Fans are desperate to know what happens to Serena, who was arrested in Canada for her part in the brutal Gilead regime and treatment of June.

Meanwhile June's fate hangs in the balance after she was shot by a guard as she helped dozens of children escape from Gilead to the safety of Canada.

But Yvonne has warned them it will be a long time until the next season will air, telling Gold Derby: "We can look forward to the start of going back to continue what we started.

"How much did we get in the can, maybe two weeks worth? I don’t know, it’s going to be a long wait.”

Yvonne's co-star Elisabeth, 37, was set to direct some of her first episodes for season four, but her plans were derailed by the coronavirus-related shut down.




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