The Chase: ‘What is the point?’ Bradley Walsh FUMING with Anne Hegerty

The Chase saw Bradley Walsh return to present the ITV gameshow. However, he wasn’t particularly happy at one point in the show.

One of the questions on tonight’s programme was to do with vegan sausages.

Bradley asked contestant Joel which country opted to ban the use of meat-based words for vegan food products.

The answer turned out to be France, and both Joel and tonight’s chaser, Anne Hegerty, answered the question correctly.

However, Bradley ended up getting rather annoyed with tonight’s chaser after she failed to answer a question of his own.

“Why is it called a sausage?” asked Bradley, and Anne answered by explaining what a sausage looks like.

However, that wasn’t the response he was looking for, and shouted: “What is the point of you being a chaser if you don’t know this stuff!”

He then added: “What we need to know is what is a sausage?”

Anne then replied: “I don’t know. I’m going to have to look it up!”

The audience and Joel both laughed at this, yet Bradley started to bang the desk in frustration.

They soon carried on with the head-to-head and Joel was eventually caught by Anne.

Meanwhile, The Family Chase aired yesterday on ITV and it saw Paul Sinha back in the hot seat as The Chaser.

However, during the episode, he let slip a big show first as he offered the lowest high offer ever.

“This is the lowest offer I’ve ever offered at this stage, £10,000,” The Sinnerman explained.

Taken aback by the comment, host Bradley Walsh replied: “Is it really?”

Contestant Claire decided to stick with her initial winnings, yet luck was not on her side, and she was quickly eliminated from the quiz show.

Her daughter Lucy was up next, and while she scored £2,000 in the cash builder, Paul was on top form and knocked her out as well.

The responsibility of leaving the show with some money then rested on sister Heather’s shoulders.

And she didn’t follow suit. Instead, she answered six questions correctly and took to the table with £6,000.

The Chase airs weekdays at 6pm on ITV.

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