The Chase fans stunned by ‘unbelievable’ final as one contestant wins huge jackpot


Bradley Walsh welcomed four new players onto The Chase this evening as they put their knowledge to the test in the hopes of taking home a share of the jackpot prize. Only one contestant was able to beat Shaun Wallace in the head-to-heads and was forced to take on the Chaser alone but his impressive quizzing talent made The Dark Destroyer’s job difficult. 


Derek, 84, James, 39, Gemma, 28 and Vanessa, 44 all took on the Chaser but only James made it through to the final.

Retired naval warrant officer, Derek was first up to face Shaun after earning £4,000 in his cash builder round. 

Shaun quickly defeated the 84-year-old but the second player put on a much better performance. 

James answered 10 questions correctly before Shaun offered him the chance to bank £50,000.

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Despite confidence from his team, the quizzer remained cautious and secured his spot in the final by adding £10,000 to the pot. 

Next up was Gemma who fell apart in her cash builder round and only answered one question correctly. 

She also couldn’t be tempted to go high and after reassurance from James took the offer of minus £1,000.

Gemma was quickly booted out of the quiz and Vanessa followed suit after being brave enough to play for £60,000.

Vanessa earned just £4,000 in her cash builder round but decided to try and bag Shaun’s high offer. 

“I always think it’s worth going for it,” she confessed and Shaun added: “I knew you were going to go for it cause you encouraged everyone and you’ve backed your convictions.”

But Vanessa lost out to the Chaser and James was forced to face the final chase on his own. 

The impressive contestant answered 18 questions correctly and gave some very lucky guesses to Bradley when he was given the opportunity to push back Shaun. 

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On the very last second of the game, Shaun attempted to answer the 18th question but ran out of time meaning James won the £10,000 jackpot. 

“Unbelievable,” Bradley remarked. “Good for you James, you played so well, fantastic final run, seriously well played.

“I thoroughly enjoyed playing alongside you, take the money, congratulations you’ve not been caught.”

“That was superb,” Shaun added. “Fair play to James like I said sometimes a solo player can put a fantastic run together like you’ve done.”


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The Chase viewers were stunned by the win as one wrote: “Unbelievable. Totally deserved #TheChase.”

While another shared: “That was f****g intense #TheChase,” and a third said: “Omg that was tense #TheChase.”

“Cheered at the tele. FANTASTIC STUFF. Feel like crying #TheChase,” another revealed. 

A fifth remarked: “That guy on #TheChase smashed it. Class. Just made it. Well played.”

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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