The Chase fans spot blunder as low offer CHANGES mid-show

THE Chase fans spotted a big blunder on tonight’s show – as the low offer changed mid show.

Those watching at home were baffled at The Dark Destroyers offer when from £1,000 to minus £3,000.

Taking to Twitter to discuss it, one person wrote: "Wait, the lower offer changed from 1k to -3k… #thechase”

A second said: “Why did the lower offer change to -£3000? #TheChase”

Another penned: “Judging by the editing screw up earlier, low offer of -£3,000? #TheChase”

Contestant Emma from Merseyside hoped to buy a campervan if she won big on The Chase during Tuesday night's episode.

But viewers noticed a huge editing blunder while Shaun Wallace’s money low, middle and high offers were put on the table for Emma.

She accumulated a decent £6,000 in her cash builder.

Shaun said: “You won’t go for this” before he said £1,000 as a low offer and a high offer of £40,000.

Turning to the other contestants for advice, they tell Emma that even though the high offer is tempting, to go for the middle offer hoping to build a good foundation of a team.

Daniel said: “Go middle or low.”

Suzanne agreed: “That was a great cash builder, but yeah I would stick to the middle and get us all back.”

Calum said: “Great job Emma! You know what I’m going to say.

“You can take the £6,000. You can do the £40,000 but you know I want you back, take the £1,000 if you want.”

Calum and host Bradley Walsh both confirmed the low offer on the table was £1,000.

However, when the camera spanned back to the table, the low offer changed from £1,000 to minus £3,000.

The high offer also changed from £40,000 to £52,000.

Emma stuck with the £6,000 but she was caught by the chaser Shaun with two spaces from home.

Therefore, Emma didn’t make it into the final chase with the others.

Shaun remarked: "You were unlucky there."

Despite being on top form, The Dark Destroyer failed to win in the final chase as the three contestants built up an impressive 19 spaces with 4 push backs executed.

Charming as usual, Shaun praised his opponents: “Everybody chipped in there. Calum you were superb mate.”

He added: “I should have won that really. The answer that really changed it was James Cameron, and when you said James Cameron I realised.”

To which Bradley joked: “What a Titanic mistake!”

The contestants took home £5,000 each.

The Chase continues Wednesday at 5pm on ITV.

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