‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Colton Underwood and Caelynn Get Emotional During One-on-One Date

AceShowbiz -The Monday, January 28, episode of Colton Underwood‘s season of “The Bachelor” featured more drama among the ladies as well as an emotional moment from one of the contestants. The episode further explored the tension between Hannah B. and Caelynn who had a fall out after competing in the Miss USA.

Alongside the women, Colton flew to Singapore. Tayshia and Colton then enjoyed their one-on-one date as they challenged themselves by going bungee-jumping. They then headed to the beach for some romantic time.

During the nighttime portion of their date, Tayshia opened up to Colton about her past marriage. She revealed that she and her ex-husband got divorced within the last year and a half. Upon hearing that, the Bachelor assured Tayshia that he respected her decision as long as it made her happy. Colton then gave his rose to Tayshia.

Later, Hannah G, Elyse, Kirpa, Sydney, Heather, Onyeka, Tracy, Nicole, Demi, Courtney, Katie, Cassie and Hannah B. were up for a group date. As Caelynn was not included, it meant she would be getting a one-on-one date with Colton later and that annoyed Hannah B. as well Demi.

Demi then monopolized Colton’s time during the group date, much to everyone’s demise. Hannah B., meanwhile, thought that Colton was avoiding her on purpose and blamed Caelynn for that.

Hannah B. then scored a one-on-one moment with Colton after she pulled him aside during the nighttime portion of the date. After talking with her, Colton apologized for being hard on her and told her that he was fine with the beef between her and Caelynn as long as it didn’t affect his relationship with either of them.

In the episode, Demi also broke down in tears as she told Colton about her mom who was in prison. Colton assured Demi that he wouldn’t be judgemental about that. Meanwhile, Courtney felt that Demi was too selfish and she confronted her. Demi, however, challenged Courtney to be more aggressive if she wanted more time with Colton. The group rose then was given to Demi.

For his one-on-one date with Caelynn, Colton took her on a shopping excursion. The date went well and it was enough to make Caelynn tell Colton one of the most heartbreaking things in her life. She opened up that she had intimacy issues and that had something to do with her being sexually assaulted during her sophomore year in college.

She revealed that she was drugged and raped, making Colton admittedly devastated for what she had to go through. He then convinced Caelynn that she’s safe with him, and she let him know that she genuinely did feel comfortable with him.

Caelynn was not the only one who decided to open up. Colton told her that he once dated a woman who had been sexually abused. He said it was hard to get intimate with her, who was likely to be Aly Raisman. She previously alleged that Larry Nassar abused her. That was why he never had sex with the said ex. At the end of the date, Caelynn received a rose.

Caelynn and Hannah B. then had a chat at the cocktail party. They then decided to burn their hatched and apologized to each other. While Caelynn and Hannah B.’s feud was over, another feud rose.

Demi told Colton that it would be a waste of time to pursue Courtney. Courtney then stole Colton and told him her side of the story. At the end, Colton was the one feeling confused.

Now it’s time for the rose ceremony. Colton gave roses to Hannah G., Heather, Kirpa, Hannah B, Katie, Elyse, Sydney, Cassie, Nicole and Onyeka. With that, Tracy and Courtney were eliminated.

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