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The Apprentice's Frank Brooks explains how Kurran Pooni broke his arm

Tonight’s (October 17) episode of The Apprentice had it all: innuendos, arguments and candidates making terrible decisions when it comes to the flavour, making and pricing of doughnuts.

But as we got to the boardroom, Lord Sugar noticed that candidate Kurran Pooni had his arm in a cast. This led to some terrible dad jokes at the budding actor’s expense, about him getting his big break, being in Casualty, breaking a leg instead… the works.

Kurran said that he broke his arm during an arm wrestling competition, but left it at that (probably to avoid more of a ribbing). Luckily, fired candidate Frank Brooks appeared on The Apprentice: You’re Fired to explain what went down.

He told host Rhod Gilbert that the girls actually started an arm wrestling contest and the boys, being boys, jumped in too.

While Kurran was arm wrestling Daniel Elahi, everyone heard a loud snapping sound and Kurran was taken to A&E. Ouch.

As we saw in the preview for the next episode, Kurran’s arm is still in the cast. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to do any heavy lifting.

Elsewhere on the aftershow, Rhod and panellist Grace Dent stood up for Frank after he was called “emotional” during the boardroom confrontation that led to his firing.

The Apprentice continues next Wednesday (October 24) at 9pm on BBC One.

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