The Aeronauts lose the plot once the balloon leaves the ground – The Sun

THE film starts like a kind of Greatest Showman spectacle with Victorian London looking fantastic and characters leaping around with proclamations about changing the world.

But once the balloon leaves the ground, so does any semblance of story.

For a famed and supposedly brilliant meteorologist, the fact that James Glaisher decided to go higher than Everest without a warm coat is one of the most ludicrous plots I will see for a while. Yet there it is presented as a crucial turning point in the film.

All this from Eddie Redmayne, who could really do with playing a different role once in a while.

Felicity Jones has more to play with, however, and her heart-in-mouth acrobatics are the best part of the movie.

If you hate heights then beware – the set pieces at the summit are extremely well done. Buttocks were clenched for many minutes.

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