Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and husband David unfollow each other after he claims she ‘deserted’ him for ‘drug addict’ pal – The Sun

TEEN Mom 2 alumni Jenelle Evans and David Eason have unfollowed each other on social media after he claimed that she "deserted him" for a "drug addict" pal.

The on-again-off-again couple recently had a spat on Facebook just months after getting back together.

Jenelle, 28, unfollowed her husband, David, 31 after their nasty fight on Facebook where he claimed that she had left him to hang with her partying friend Tori.

She also posted a sad update on her Facebook that read: "Do not rely on anyone but yourself."

The mother of three also claimed she felt disappointed at the time.

Following the public feud, David unfollowed his wife on social media.

Jenelle and David seem to be having some issues again after the two blew up at each other on social media.

The former Teen Mom wrote on social media: "God forbid I hangout with my friends.”

David responded in a now-deleted comment: “God forbid I get a baby sitter and try to have a day with my wife before she flips out and deserted me for her drug addict, w***e friend.”

Jenelle also posted on Facebook: “At least my friend can pay for her own bills… uhm… when’s the last time you paid for ANYTHING? History repeats itself lol.”

Jenelle and David are likely referring to Jenelle’s longtime friend Tori Rhyne, as she later tagged Jenelle in a Facebook post that read: “3rd wheeling with toxic couples be lit asf.”

David then wrote on Facebook: “My biggest flaw, I might talk s**t but never get even… I can’t scoop [sic] to your level.”

The couple also got into a fight over social media back in April.

Jenelle hinted she split from David when she posted a series of cryptic messages on her Facebook.

She posted: “Can’t trust a soul… EVER. When will it stop?”

The JE Cosmetics owner said she was “feeling annoyed” and shared: “My phone is smashed so if anyone needs to get a hold of me, message me on here.”

She captioned a video of their daughter, Ensley, 3, and Jace, 10, her son from a previous relationship: “My kids are the only ones that make me happy.”

But in May, Jenelle praised her husband and their relationship.

She captioned a photo of the couple: “I don’t care what they say, I love you no matter what. Here’s to new beginnings. #MarriedLife #HappyWifeHappyLife.”

In October 2019, Jenelle posted on Instagram that she had separated from her husband of two years.

She moved to Nashville, Tennessee with Ensley, and her son Kaiser, 5, from a previous relationship.

The fired Teen Mom 2 star also filed a restraining order request against David, where she claimed he was “violent” and abusive.”

She wrote in the order that she was “scared” for her life and for the “well-being” of her children.

But in January, she dropped the restraining order request and they were spotted together in Nashville.

Though she claimed the two were just co-parenting, she moved back into their North Carolina home only months later.

The separation came after David admitted to shooting and killing the family dog in April 2019 for nipping at Ensley.

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